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Empower Your Credit Union with a Website Designed for Results

At COLAB, we’re dedicated to helping credit union marketing teams turn their websites into powerful tools that drive growth, member satisfaction, and overall success. We design, build, and optimize websites to address credit unions’ top concerns.

In 2024, the ICCU website, submitted alongside 1415 other entries, won an America’s Credit Union (previously CUNA) Diamond Award. Learn More About the Award.

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Credit Union Top Concerns in 2024

We keep a pulse on the industry ranging from conversations with clients to reading up on CUTimes to CUNA/NAFCU/America’s Credit Union conferences.

Low Earnings

The industry as a whole had low earnings, amplifying problems like a lack of marketing funding and needing more help, but having less.

Digital Transformation

Digital-first banking experiences demand that CUs enhance their digital offerings to meet member expectations.

AI and New Technology

Leveraging technology like generative AI, chatbots, personalization are opportunities for marketing, but have a learning curve.


As digital transactions increase, risks of security breaches, fraud/phishing, and ransomware are top of mind.

Competition with Bank and Fintechs

CUs continue to face the challenge of differentiation in a competitive market where innovation and niche offerings compete with CU products and services.

Regulatory Compliance

Evolving regulations challenge CUs to keep up with resources while maintaining marketing efficiency.

Attracting Younger Members

With the majority of CUs faced with an aging membership base, the pressure is on to align marketing strategies with Millennial and Gen Z values, preferences, and behaviors.

Eric Berkman

Eric Berkman

Director of Digital Marketing & Analytics
Virginia Credit Union

Solutions for Credit Union Websites

Consumers expect the same level of quality and innovation from credit unions as trillion dollar banks. To meet these high expectations, we’ve developed solutions that allow credit unions to go head-to-head.

Branch & ATM Locator
Elegant, user-friendly Branch & ATM Locators harness accurate data from multiple sources. A streamlined approach ensures simplicity, accuracy, and a seamless mobile experience, empowering your members with this valuable tool.

Our Branch Locator Solutions

Disclosure Management
Automated disclosure management and processes ensure seamless inclusion of required disclaimers for your credit union members. This helps minimize risk, improve accuracy, and reduce turnaround time.

Rates Management
Rate accuracy is crucial for member acquisition, retention, and portfolio growth. Single source rates management allows for consistent rate updates across the website, ensuring uniformity and saving time.

Our Rates Management Solutions

Service Messages
Keep members informed about high-priority notices, like branch closures or online banking latency. Our sites make it easy to create and deploy these types of messages.


Education Center
Empower credit union members with an Education Center, a valuable resource hub for financial literacy. Boost engagement and loyalty by providing educational content that guides members toward smarter financial decisions.

Help center
Elevate member experience and retention with a comprehensive Help Center. Enable prospects and members to find answers, solve problems, and interact with a chatbot, reducing call volume and enhancing satisfaction.


Decision Trees
Streamline member decision-making with interactive decision trees. Simplify complex financial choices by guiding members through a series of questions, helping them find the best solutions tailored to their needs.

Financial Calculators
Help your members make smart financial decisions with interactive financial calculators. From budgeting to loan repayment, these valuable tools enable members to confidently plan for their future and achieve their financial goals.

Our Financial Calculator Solutions


Digital Brand Standards
Overwhelmed by website requests? We create digital brand standards and design systems that place proven resources at your fingertips. You can easily create new pages, forms, and microsites while enhancing your brand and reputation.

Compliance Workflows
Simplify compliance management. Our tailored compliance workflows streamline the review and approval process for your website content, improving efficiency and speed while maintaining adherence to the necessary laws and regulations.

ADA Compliance
Don’t miss out on potential customers. Make your website ADA compliant to reach a larger audience and avoid legal risks. Our designs adhere to WCAG guidelines for accessibility and inclusivity.

Our ADA Compliance Solutions

Site Uptime
Ensure your website is always available to your members. Trust our hosting partners for reliable site uptime, security, and compliance. Get peace of mind for uninterrupted member access.

Responsive Web Design
Reach and engage members with responsive web design. Capture mobile-driven traffic with a site that looks exceptional on any device. Expand your digital and mobile banking offerings with consistent experiences, on desktop and mobile.

What’s Next?

Whether it’s a simple question or your next big idea, we believe great things start with a conversation.

Proud to Partner!

Best-in-class products require best-in-class partnerships! Our relationships help ensure that our subject matter experts are up to date on the latest and greatest in industry and technology trends. For credit union’s specifically, we are America’s Credit Unions/ CUNA/NAFCU partners, Drupal Association partner, and Pantheon partner.

Credit Union Solutions

We’ve heard the same stories from credit unions across the country. Years of building software has allowed us to hone our solutions to drive credit union success.

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