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Interested in working for a growing, fast-paced company with diverse projects and technologies?

COLAB is looking for talented team members to help shape the company’s future. At COLAB, we have a close-knit team with no office politics. You will have access to leadership and be part of a team where your voice is not only heard, but important. You will be able to collaborate and innovate with team members at all levels in our brand new office (see some more pictures here), both exploring and taking advantage of your interests, talents, and skills.

Our team members are able to build strong relationships with each other as well as with our clients. Because of the wide variety of clients and their projects, our team is able to expand our knowledge as well as discover new talents and interests. We encourage our team to be creative in all aspects of technology, not just the architecture and design, but also the technical approach.

COLAB is a digital agency that focuses on technology, but also cares about the design of their products. We have a culture of constant improvement and are driven by the quality of work we produce. We are looking for team members who expand and diversify our team’s talents. If you aren’t satisfied with the status quo, have a passion for your craft, and are interested in working at a fast-paced job, let’s talk!


.NET Developer

COLAB is seeking an experienced .NET Developer who can take an idea and bring it to life through elegant coding and configuration using the DNN platform. This will require skills in modern OOP pracices as well as knowledge of ASP.NET, C#, MVC, and SQL.

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Sales Manager

COLAB is seeking a Sales Manager who can help take our business to the next level. This position requires excellent people skills, as we work in a team environment. You will interact with potential and existing customers, helping to shape, nurture and convert our pipeline.

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Front End Developer

COLAB is seeking an experienced Front End Developer. You will be pushed to think creatively and strategically about how digital solutions can address our clients' challenges and improve their businesses. We use a mix of frontend tools, but our essentials are HTML/SASS, javascript (Vue is our favorite JS framework), and Gulp. The platforms we use change based on the problems our clients need to solve. Some of our favorites are WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Django, and whatever the latest and greatest Node.js framework is.

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Senior Front End Developer

COLAB is seeking a Front End Developer with 8+ years of experience. You will be pushed to creatively use front end technology to articulate designs effectively and efficiently. An ability to execute front end code using modern processes is required. Expert proficiency in WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, or an equivalent framework is also a must.

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Web Designer

COLAB is seeking a Web Designer who can conceptualize, imagine, and design smart solutions to business problems. The best person for this position is creative, driven, and excited by technology.

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Senior Web Designer

COLAB is seeking a Senior Web Designer with 8+ years of experience building websites and/or web applications. The best person for this position should have a strong understanding of the web and what it takes to make a fantastic web experience. They should be interested in being part of a team that puts technology on the forefront, using an understanding of both design and code to produce the best possible solutions for our clients.

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Founded in 2008, COLAB Multimedia LLC is a website design and development firm headquartered in Richmond, VA, which specializes in developing client-centric, goal-driven digital experiences. Over the past several years, our firm has delivered hundreds of websites and web applications for Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Our exceptional work allows us to hire the best designers and developers in the area because they want to be associated with innovative, crisp, refined websites and web applications. The quality of our work force, in turn, allows us to continually raise the bar on what we deliver to our clients.

Benefits and Compensation

  • Amazing teammates and an open work environment
  • Culture of experimentation and learning
  • Competitive salary based on capabilities and experience
  • Free health insurance for all full-time employees
  • Free life insurance for all full-time employees
  • Free short term disability insurance for all full-time employees
  • Dental insurance available
  • 401k with matching
  • Paid holiday/vacation/sick leave
  • Maternity/paternity leave


Working at COLAB, you will: 

  • Be part of a fast growing company, with diverse clients, projects, technologies
  • Experience great work-life balance
  • Not be shipped to work on site at client’s office and can work with team members on site
  • Have access to leadership
  • Participate in process improvement and thought leadership through committees
  • Be recognized for achievements
  • Build strong relationships with team members of all levels
  • Explore your talents and discover what you love 
  • Be a part of a close-knit collaborative atmosphere with no office politics, where your voice is important
  • Work at a place that prioritizes craft
  • Help shape the company’s future growth
  • Follow a relaxed dress code