A Typical Day at COLAB

Our Purpose

Helping others achieve more.

Whether that’s more conversions, more innovative approaches, or more insights, we use our expertise to help our clients achieve their goals. Technology is changing the world. We empower our clients to change with it.

meeting with Morgan, Rachel and Eddie.

The Colab Core Five

Our core values represent how we show up – for ourselves, for our teammates, and for our clients. They are woven throughout our work and our culture and are the foundation from which we grow together as a team.

  • Collaboration – our desire to work together
  • Authenticity – our honest behaviors and actions
  • Intentionality – our work has purpose
  • Creativity – our rejection of the status quo
  • Grit – our passion and perseverance
Rachel REALLY Listening

We listen with curiosity.

Understanding the big picture lets us solve the right problems with the right answers.

Our Approaches to understanding

We make change easy

Technology is changing the world, and we empower our clients to change with it:

We hire great people

We can’t exist without experienced and thoughtful individuals.

  • Eddie O'Leary Eddie O’Leary Founder & President
  • Morgan Witham Chief Executive Officer
  • Sarah Ferrara Chief Operating Officer
  • Ruth Glaser Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ralph Otto Director of Product
  • Bettina Roda Chief Financial Officer
  • Claire Cunningham Project Manager
  • Kelly Prescott Senior Project Manager
  • Nora Morris Senior Project Manager
  • Tim McNerney Tim McNerney Project Manager
  • Rachel Crowe Traffic Manager
  • Cesley Musngi Design Lead
  • Conor Driscoll Senior Web Developer
  • Dustin Ginther Dustin Ginther Senior Software Engineer
  • Dylan James Wagner Web Developer
  • test the alt text Francis Yaconiello Software Engineering Lead
  • Jessica Wilson Web Developer
  • J Ivy Web Developer
  • Joanna Snodgrass UX Designer
  • John Mitchell Senior Web Developer
  • Jon Betts Senior Drupal Developer
  • Juan Juan Angot UX/UI Designer
  • Kalan Brock Kalan Brock Senior Web Developer
  • Mike Dupre Web Development Lead
  • Thomas “TC” Carroll QA Analyst
  • Tyler Pease Strategy Lead