Websites seem complicated.

You're not the only one who thinks so.

It can be difficult to understand how websites work, how to build and maintain them effectively, and how to make the most out of the limited budget you have for your site.

We know many people fear unscrupulous development shops will take advantage of them, and that many people have had bad experiences working with web developers.

We aim to fix that.

We believe that what our clients really need is a reliable, trusted partner to help guide them to the right choices. We desire to fulfill that role for all of our clients. We believe the web is understandable, and that anyone should be able to have a website that makes sense to them and that functions accordingly.

Above all, we believe in being honest, transparent, and fair. COLAB aspires to be the last developer you'll ever need.

We believe the web is understandable, and that anyone should be able to have a website that makes sense to them and that functions accordingly.

How we deliver on our beliefs:

We do the right thing

It sounds obvious and simple, but it is our guiding principle at COLAB to do the right thing for our clients - even if we have to tell a client we think they are making a mistake on occasion.

At COLAB, doing the right thing means:

  • We guide our clients to make impactful decisions based on research and data.
  • We ask questions to draw out our clients’ most pressing business needs before we begin solutioning.
  • We give our clients honest, objective advice based on our deep experience and expertise.

Change is hard, we make it easy

COLAB drives digital transformation for businesses that need to adapt to the shifting demands of consumers, markets and industries. Technology is changing the world, and we empower our clients to change with it.

At COLAB, making it easy means:

  • We listen to our clients and understand their problem. We don’t presume to know the solution before we have a thorough grasp of the issue.
  • We explain clearly and honestly to simplify the decision-making process and ensure our clients understand the implications.
  • We focus strictly on solving our clients’ most pressing issues. We don’t pressure our clients into things that aren’t necessary or impactful to their business.

We hire great people

We can't do any of this without an experienced and thoughtful team of project managements, strategists, designers, and developers, which makes hiring the right people an essential part of our business.

At COLAB, the best talent means:

  • We only hire experienced individuals who care deeply about doing great work and always do the right thing for our clients - skill alone is not enough.
  • We hire individuals who value collaboration as much as we do. We provide more creative value to our clients and are far better problem-solvers when we recognize the benefit of our collective minds.
  • We hire individuals who are experts in their craft, have a pioneering spirit, and have an internal drive to keep learning from those around them.

Meet the team

COLAB is a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who love collaborating to make exceptional digital products and platforms with our clients.

  • Eddie's head shot

    Eddie O'Leary


  • Morgans's head shot

    Morgan Witham


  • Ralph's head shot

    Ralph Otto

    Director of Product

  • Sarah's head shot

    Sarah Ferrara

    Director of Operations

  • Claire's head shot

    Claire Cunningham

    Project Manager

  • Gavin's head shot

    Gavin Wright

    Project Manager

  • Suzie's head shot

    Suzie Gallagher

    Senior Project Manager

  • Tara's head shot

    Tara Rowan

    Senior Project Manager

  • Rachel's head shot

    Rachel MacDonald

    Client Engagement Manager

  • Bettina's head shot

    Bettina Roda


  • Bree's head shot

    Bree Reamy

    Executive Assistant

  • Josh's head shot

    Josh Jones

    Design & Strategy Lead

  • Cesley's head shot

    Cesley Musngi


  • David's head shot

    Conor Driscoll


  • Crystal's head shot

    Crystal Douglas


  • David's head shot

    David Gibson


  • Dylan's head shot

    Dylan James Wagner


  • Fancis' head shot

    Francis Yaconiello

    Programming Lead

  • Jeff's head shot

    Jeff Will


  • Jesse's head shot

    Jesse Tolj

    Senior Programmer

  • Jessica's head shot

    Jessica Wilson


  • John's head shot

    John Mitchell


  • Jon's head shot

    Jon Betts

    Senior Drupal Developer

  • Juan Juan's head shot

    Juan Juan Angot


  • Scott's head shot

    Scott DiPerna

    Content Product Manager

  • Tyler's head shot

    Tyler Pease

    UX Strategist

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COLAB is located in the historic Manchester District of Richmond, Virginia. Our address is 155 W. 7th St., Richmond, VA 23224, right across the street from our old home in the Corrugated Box Building.

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