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High quality ingredients and a winning recipe.

If there’s one page you need to read, it’s this one.
Team members reviewing a QA issue
  • Vision

    An understandable and accessible web experience for anyone and everyone.

  • Mission

    Create unique and usable applications using the latest technologies to meet client needs and to push ourselves to make better products.


We do the right thing.

It is our guiding principle—even if it means pushing back on our clients every now and then.

The COLAB Core six

Doing What It Takes
Customer Experience
Creative Problem Solving
Pioneering Spirit

Rachel listening to client

We listen with curiosity.

Understanding the big picture let’s us solve the right problems with the right answers.

Our approaches to understanding

We make change easy.

Technology is changing the world, and we empower our clients to change with it:

  • Virginia Lottery
  • YMCA of Greater Richmond
  • Covenant Woods
  • Sands Anderson
  • Hilldrup
  • Sedona Taphouse
  • Winebow

We hire great people.

We can’t exist without experienced and thoughtful individuals.

  • Eddie O'Leary
    Eddie O'Leary
    Eddie O'Leary Founder & President
  • Morgan Witham
    Morgan Witham
    Morgan Witham Chief Operating Officer
  • Bettina Roda
    Bettina Roda
    Bettina Roda Chief Financial Officer
  • Ralph Otto
    Ralph Otto
    Ralph Otto Director of Product
  • Sarah Ferrara
    Sarah Ferrara
    Sarah Ferrara Director of Operations
  • Rachel MacDonald
    Rachel MacDonald
    Rachel MacDonald Client Engagement Manager
  • Jim Beckmann
    Jim Beckmann
    Jim Beckmann Marketing Strategist
  • Claire Cunningham
    Claire Cunningham
    Claire Cunningham Project Manager
  • Kelly Prescott
    Kelly Prescott
    Kelly Prescott Project Manager
  • Suzie Gallagher
    Suzie Gallagher
    Suzie Gallagher Senior Project Manager
  • Bree Reamy
    Bree Reamy
    Bree Reamy Executive Assistant
  • Cesley Musngi
    Cesley Musngi
    Cesley Musngi Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Chris Brown UX/UI Designer
  • Conor Driscoll
    Conor Driscoll
    Conor Driscoll Developer
  • Crystal Douglas
    Crystal Douglas
    Crystal Douglas UX/UI Designer
  • David Gibson
    David Gibson
    David Gibson Developer
  • Dylan James Wagner
    Dylan James Wagner
    Dylan James Wagner Developer
  • Francis Yaconiello
    Francis Yaconiello
    Francis Yaconiello Programming Lead
  • J Ivy
    J Ivy
    J Ivy Developer
  • Jeff Will
    Jeff Will
    Jeff Will Developer
  • Jesse Tolj
    Jesse Tolj
    Jesse Tolj Senior Programmer
  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica Wilson
    Jessica Wilson Developer
  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell
    John Mitchell Developer
  • Jon Betts photo
    Jon Betts photo
    Jon Betts Senior Drupal Developer
  • Juan Juan Angot
    Juan Juan Angot
    Juan Juan Angot UX/UI Designer
  • TC
    Thomas "TC" Caroll QA Analyst
  • Tyler Pease UX Strategist