ICCU wins CUNA Diamond Award for Website Category

Eddie O'Leary author photo
Eddie O'Leary President and Founder

We are honored to have accepted a CUNA Diamond Award for the Website category at the Marketing & Business Development Council Conference on behalf of ICCU.

In the digital age, a credit union’s website is more than just a virtual branch; it’s the cornerstone of its identity, outreach, and service. Achieving excellence in this arena requires a blend of creativity, user-centric design, and strategic marketing—a combination that the CUNA Diamond Award celebrates.

This year, Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) has met these criteria and set a new standard of digital excellence with its website, earning them the prestigious Diamond Award. Congratulations to the ICCU team and project team!

About the Diamond Award

Eddie O'Leary accepting America's Credit Union Diamond Award on behalf of ICCU

The Diamond Award, bestowed by America’s Credit Unions (previously Credit Union National Association – CUNA), is more than an accolade; it’s a beacon of excellence in the credit union industry. The award recognizes remarkable marketing and business development achievements, scrutinizing entries based on innovation, design, and impact. Winning this award is a clear indicator of an institution’s commitment to leveraging digital platforms for visibility and meaningful member engagement and service enhancement.

ICCU Website

The ICCU website is a paragon example of how organizations can harness digital platforms to enrich the member experience. Its intuitive design ensures that users can easily navigate services, while its aesthetic appeal makes every visit engaging. Beyond aesthetics, the site is an extensible foundation for regular feature improvement and content additions. This platform includes numerous options for layout and customization depending on the messaging need, combining form and function.


The effectiveness of the ICCU website redesign is not just theoretical; it’s quantifiable. Since the launch of the revamped site, ICCU has seen:

  • 28% increase in organic users, signaling enhanced visibility and reach
  • 15% uptick in organic sessions, indicating higher engagement levels among visitors.
  • 26% increase in loan applications, directly contributing to ICCU’s growth and business objectives.

These metrics underscore the website’s success in effectively serving the marketing team and the overall business.

In the competitive realm of finance, banking, and credit unions specifically, the ICCU website shines bright. What sets it apart is not just its visually appealing design but its deep understanding of member needs. The site is structured to provide quick and easy access to essential services, from accessing online banking to applying for loans. This user-centric approach positions ICCU as a leader in digital member service.

ICCU’s Future

The recognition from the Diamond Award serves as a catalyst for ongoing innovation at ICCU. It validates the credit union’s strategic approach to digital transformation, prioritizing member experience and operational efficiency.

ICCU is poised to continue its investment in technology and design, exploring new ways to enhance the website and other digital channels. This commitment to innovation ensures that ICCU will remain at the forefront of the industry, setting trends and exceeding member expectations.

“The website is an essential connection to our members. We appreciate COLAB’s help as we grow!”

With the Diamond Award under its belt, ICCU’s future looks promising. The award elevates the credit union’s status among its peers and sets a benchmark for future digital endeavors. As ICCU continues to evolve its website and integrate emerging technologies, it remains dedicated to providing an unparalleled digital experience.

The journey ahead is filled with opportunities to revolutionize further how credit unions serve their members online, and ICCU is leading the charge. We’re so proud to be part of the team.

What’s Next?

The CUNA Diamond Award for the ICCU website is more than a recognition; it’s a narrative of digital excellence and innovation. Through its strategic design and impactful results, the ICCU website exemplifies how credit unions can leverage digital platforms to better serve their members and achieve growth.

As ICCU continues to build on this success, it inspires the entire credit union industry, proving that with the right approach, digital platforms can be transformed into powerful tools for member engagement and service.