Our Process

We solve problems and deliver solutions with a simple, 4-step process:


Understand the Problem

We spend time talking to our clients to understand the business problem we are trying to solve by building a website.

As much as possible, we meet in person to discuss their business and their goals and how the website will work to achieve them. We document what we learn and what is required for the website so that we have agreement with our clients about what needs to be done.


Define the Solution

With an understanding of the problem in hand, we create a plan for how we will solve it. We begin by taking all of the requirements we have gathered and generating a set of documents that describe in words and graphics how the site will function and look.

These typically take the form of site maps, wire-frames, process flow diagrams, visual designs of page layouts and type treatments.

We then create a realistic estimate of what time will be required to build the project we have defined. This takes the form of a schedule and budget for the required tasks defined in our solution.


Build According to the Plan

With a well-defined plan in place, building a website becomes a reasonably uncomplicated task. The time invested in defining and documenting how the website should function is always time (and trouble) saved in building the actual site.

We write code that executes the design and functionality as defined in the plans we have generated with the client. We then perform tests of that code under the various circumstances an average user may encounter, making refinements when necessary to fix any errors or problems encountered in our testing.

We keep our development work efficient by sticking to the plan. Once we have fulfilled all the requirements of the plan, we are ready to launch your site.


Support for the Long-Term

Everyone knows the cost of acquiring a new client is vastly more expensive than retaining an existing client. This is why we think long-term with regard to our clients, which invariably means supporting them in maintaining their website and helping to enhance it over the course of years.

Support happens in many ways:

  • by updating the site as the client's needs change and grow
  • by training our clients to maintain and update the site themselves
  • by answering any questions clients have about how to use or administer their website
  • by enhancing the site as clients desire to add new features and functionalities
  • by ensuring that the website's software is up-to-date

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