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Giving Power to a New Name in the Renewable Energy Sector

We launched and iterated on a website for a Dominion Energy's renewable energy brand.

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Dominion Energy wanted to consolidate its existing alternative (i.e. solar) energy businesses into a single brand backed by the Dominion Energy brand name. These entities were combined to create Dominion Energy Solutions.

When any organization combines multiple sites into one site, there are far more challenges than simply redesigning a website. Consolidating could cause user experience disruptions, marketing campaign failure, or loss of the existing brands’ organic traffic (see our blog post on when to combine and when to keep websites separated).

The Dominion team wanted the site consolidation to go as smoothly as possible, but they were also anxious to begin their marketing work.


We worked with the marketing team to launch the website in two phases. The first phase covered the basic needs of providing a destination to direct prospects and a tool to provide landing pages for marketing campaigns. The second phase would expand the design system, allowing layout flexibility for content creators while providing a unique visual brand identity for Dominion Energy Solutions that complied with Dominion brand standards.


After just a few weeks after our final discovery, COLAB delivered the first marketing website, migrating old site content, securing continuity in traffic, and creating an effective tool for marketing. After launch, we worked for several months to develop a bespoke design system that satisfied all stakeholders with a unique look and feel distinctly different from the rest of Dominion Energy’s brands and services. Once this launched, the brand had renewed energy. COLAB continues to iterate, optimizing site speed, improving SEO performance, and making feature improvements.

If you are consolidating sites or need to launch a new product/service, let COLAB work with you to get in front of customers quickly. Send us a message, email us at [email protected], or call us at (804) 433-3582.

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