Delivering a Fast-to-Market and Scalable Website for A Healthcare Company

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The primary challenge Evolent faced was integrating four companies with distinct identities, cultures, and systems. This merger required not only a unified brand identity but also a digital platform capable of supporting rapid growth and regularly-evolving healthcare marketing strategies. Key challenges:

  • Speed to Market: Delivering a website to meet marketing’s need for speed, alongside the roll-out of the new brand.
  • Brand Unification: Developing a cohesive digital brand that accurately reflected the combined expertise and services of the merged entities.
  • Digital Infrastructure: Creating a scalable platform to support the marketing team’s vision and facilitate seamless updates and expansion.
  • User Experience: Ensuring a consistent and intuitive user experience for clients, partners, and stakeholders navigating the new unified website.


To address these challenges, our agency implemented a strategic and collaborative approach:

  1. Discovery and Alignment: We conducted in-depth workshops with Evolent’s marketing team to understand their vision, goals, and brand values. This process ensured alignment to maintain a rapid pace and set the foundation for a cohesive digital strategy.
  2. Scalable Platform Development: Leveraging Tailwind, a framework designed for flexibility, we built the platform to scale. This approach allowed Evolent to rapidly deploy, adapt, and grow the website in response to market changes and strategic shifts.
  3. Unified Design System: We crafted a robust design system that encapsulated the essence of the unified healthcare brand. This system ensured consistency across all digital touchpoints and streamlined the design process.
  4. Collaboration with IT: We worked with the IT team to coordinate on platform, infrastructure, and deployment requirements to ensure that our website build fell within organization guidelines and would not place an undue technical burden on their team.


The implementation of this solution yielded significant improvements for Evolent:

Speed to Market

We launched the first version of the website quickly, within weeks. The next iteration built upon the first release, to greatly expand admin capabilities and serve as a foundation for marketing growth.

Unified Brand Identity

The new website effectively reinforced Evolent’s market positioning; clearly communicating the integrated strengths of the merged companies and their comprehensive healthcare services.


Enhanced Marketing

The scalable platform empowered the marketing team to execute campaigns more efficiently, adapt to healthcare market trends, and deliver personalized experiences to their audience.

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Flexible Growth

The platform’s scalability supports Evolent’s ongoing expansion efforts, allowing for seamless integration of new pages, features, and solutions.


The partnership between Evolent and COLAB demonstrates the transformative impact of strategic digital solutions. By addressing the unique challenges of a multi-company merger and delivering a scalable, user-centric platform that met their timeline, we helped Evolent achieve a unified brand identity and enhance their marketing capabilities.

Evolent is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory, leveraging the robust digital foundation we established. Our ongoing collaboration will focus on optimizing the platform, integrating new technologies, and exploring innovative ways to engage with healthcare audiences.

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