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Redesigning A Senior Services Website for a 31% Better Lead Conversion Rate

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Seniors Guide needed an updated look with a more streamlined user experience to achieve their growth goals. The internal development team was already too busy on existing projects to execute this themselves. COLAB stepped in to supplement their team in redesigning the Seniors Guide website.


Our goals on the business side were to increase revenue potential, add additional monetization opportunities, and increase brand awareness. On the user side, we wanted users to understand the options available to seniors, find trustworthy providers, and feel reassured and confident in an uncertain situation.

We needed to align the business interests with user needs to do both. To work through this, we leaned into the UX process using brand workshops, stakeholder/user interviews, competitor analysis, user testing, and website analytics to gain insights to aid the redesign.

We mapped user journeys and reworked information architecture to improve navigation for caregivers, active seniors, professionals, and advertisers. We incorporated new brand assets into the website redesign and established a set of digital design patterns. We used a variety of technology solutions in implementation. The most interesting were using browser and IP geolocation to identify accurate user locations and provide personalized search results based on zip code.


The redesign was a hit. In early measurements, we saw a 36% increase in organic traffic, a 59% increase in time on sponsor pages, and a 31% increase in lead conversion, not to mention an increase in advertising revenue. We continue to work with Seniors Guide on feature improvements and new initiatives.