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Healthcare Website Design

COLAB has a proven history of transforming healthcare websites into patient-centric tools that drive patient engagement, satisfaction, and overall success. Using Website Operations (WebOps) as a framework, we design, build, and optimize websites to address growing healthcare providers’s top concerns.

Healthcare Concerns


Compliance: Healthcare marketers must abide by strict HIPAA regulations, which can limit their ability to use certain types of information in their marketing efforts. Balancing effective marketing strategies while ensuring patient privacy can be challenging.


Budgeting: Financial constraints often limit the scope and reach of healthcare marketing campaigns. Marketers must find ways to maximize results with limited resources. This is an area where experience and creativity can greatly amplify what is possible.


Managing Perception: Healthcare marketers must work to improve public perception of the complex and inaccessible healthcare industry. Beyond the general perception, online ratings and other public resources that may tarnish an institution’s reputation must be proactive managed.


Audience Targeting: Identifying and reaching the right demographic for specific healthcare services often poses a challenge. Many healthcare organizations underinvest in this area. This lack of investment can result in missed opportunities to grow and engage potential right fit patients.


Building Trust: Due to the sensitive nature of healthcare, building trust with potential patients is crucial. Marketers need to communicate transparency, reliability, and credibility in their messaging. Beyond marketing to patients, internal marketing must be completed in parallel to ensure that providers of services are aligned with brand promises.


Understanding Patient Needs: Patient needs and expectations are constantly evolving, making it challenging for healthcare marketers to stay relevant and meet these needs. Market research and patient feedback are essential to understand these changes.


Regulatory Changes: The healthcare industry is highly regulated, and these regulations frequently change. Keeping up with these changes and ensuring all marketing activities comply can be a daunting task. The COVID crisis, Medicare updates, and telehealth, add additional areas that healthcare marketers must be aware of.


Data Management: Healthcare marketers often have access to large amounts of patient data. Effectively managing and utilizing this data, while maintaining privacy and security, is a significant challenge.


Provider Recruitment: Due to the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals and increased competition among healthcare organizations, recruitment is often a priority from health HR departments. It is challenging to convey the unique benefits, culture, compensation, and growth opportunities in a way that resonates with potential candidates.

Jess Timmerman
VP of Marketing

COLAB modernized digital at ChenMed. I’d highly recommend them to any business.

Solutions for Healthcare Websites

Healthcare customers expect the same level of user experience they might find on a consumer goods or retail website. While there are decidedly different objectives between a healthcare website and a retail website, we have polished solutions that elevate the patient and prospect experience.

Online Appointment Scheduling
This feature allows patients to book appointments at their convenience, reducing no-show rates and improving the efficiency of the healthcare provider’s operations.

Provider Profiles
Detailed profiles of healthcare providers give patients the opportunity to learn about their qualifications, specialties, and experience, helping them make informed decisions about their care.

Service Descriptions
By providing clear descriptions of available services, healthcare marketing websites can help patients understand what to expect and choose the most suitable services for their needs.

Patient Portals
These secure platforms let patients view personal health data, exchange messages with their healthcare providers, and handle billing and payments, enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction.

Health Education Resources
By offering reliable information on various health conditions and treatments, these websites can empower patients to take a more active role in their healthcare.

Contact Information and Live Chat
Easy access to contact details and live chat features ensures that patients can quickly get answers to their questions or receive assistance when needed.

Testimonials and Reviews
Showcasing positive experiences from past and current patients can build trust and credibility, influencing the decision-making process of potential patients.

Secure Payment Systems
A secure online payment system provides a convenient way for patients to settle their bills, improving the overall patient experience.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness
With an increasing number of users accessing websites on their smartphones, mobile responsiveness ensures that all site features function correctly on smaller screens, providing a seamless user experience.

Accessibility Features
Features such as screen reader compatibility, text resizing options, and closed captioning ensure that the website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

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Best-in-class products require best-in-class partnerships and certifications! Our relationships help ensure that our subject matter experts are up to date on the latest and greatest in industry and technology trends. For healthcare specifically, we are a Drupal Association partner, Pantheon partner, SiteImprove partner, and Google Analytics certified.

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