COLAB’s preferred platform for complex websites is Drupal. We choose Drupal when our clients need a website that will house large amounts of data or when they have a particular interest in website security. It is infinitely extendable and lightning fast, allowing for high-performance user experiences.

Our Experience

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Why Drupal?

Drupal is known to be a powerhouse when it comes to complex functionality. It has a reputation for fast performance and efficient data storage. A few high-profile brands that love Drupal are the White House (Obama administration), the Australian government, Tesla, Twitter, NCAA, and NASA.

Designed for Scale

Drupal is well structured to support websites that need to scale, making it a perfect starting point for large websites and web applications.

Long Term

Many of our implementations are 5+ years old. The platform’s robust and efficient architecture makes it a perfect candidate for growth.

Security Imperative

Drupal prioritizes security as a part of its core code and module ecosystem. The security advisory policy is something we look for on every module we use.

Drupal Capabilities

We have a depth of experience using the Drupal platform to create websites and web applications that provide business results. Upgrade path and patching are crucial considerations when we develop sites. We build according to community best practices and standards developed through our Drupal work.

Content Management

If you’ve used Drupal 6 or 7, you know that ease of content management has been a Drupal pain point in the past. With version 8 and above, there are massive improvements that we leverage to provide an administrative experience that is easy and intuitive for administrators.

Drupal Site Building

Site building is fundamental to any Drupal build. Knowing the right way to build something can make or break your project. We leverage our expertise to deliver well-built tools that provide results.

Custom Theme Development

We create custom themes that mesh with our client’s brands. We lean into Drupal best practices to ensure long-term compatibility with core software and decreased maintenance time.

Custom Module Development

When a community-contributed module doesn’t work, our engineers go to work. Custom modules allow us to intake needs and craft the perfect module to meet business requirements.

API Integration

Connecting business systems through an API integration reduces redundant content entry and improves data accuracy. Our marketing partners love the automation they provide as they save many work hours per week. Some examples of popular APIs we’ve integrated into our sites include Office 365OktaSalesforceAptoWorkday, and more.

Drupal Hosting

We partner with Drupal hosting providers that are the best in the business such as Pantheon, Acquia, and Platform.sh. Quality hosting makes all the difference if you want high performance, development efficiency, site stability, and security.

Migration to Drupal

Is your current CMS outdated or lacking the content management controls you need? We can get you moved or help determine if Drupal is the right CMS for your team.

Clients On Drupal

Below are a few clients that like the way we Drupal. Want to learn more?

Drupal Questions?

If you have questions or you’d like to learn more about how we Drupal, contact us, call us at (804) 433-3582, or email us at [email protected].