Our take on Marketing Websites

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Ralph Otto Director of Product

For a long time, we’ve described what we do as the product and service we provide our clients. We’ve come to realize that this isn’t quite right. While we do create marketing websites, it’s not just about the website.

We design results-driven digital platforms that look amazing, have a frictionless user experience, and an intuitive CMS. We recognize that a digital solution, done correctly, can be transformative to your business.

It directly impacts your performance by generating and converting more leads, increasing donations, building a stronger recruiting pipeline, organizing large amounts of content in a usable way, or a myriad of other business goals we’ve partnered with clients to achieve. Your website should be your most effective marketing tool and done right, it will drive revenue growth, save your team wasted time and energy, and allow you to make a bigger impact with your marketing budget.

Our Approach

We identify your unique challenges and balance our UX and technical solutions against your business needs. The nuances of how we do this make all the difference in the results.

Define clear desired outcomes

You can’t measure the success of your website if you don’t clearly articulate its goals. COLAB is relentless in understanding the business problems you need to solve and clearly defining what success means for you and for your customers.

Design a user-centric experience

How easy a website is to use conveys important messages to your customers about your organization. Our design process eliminates the friction between your website and its users and ensures you put your best foot forward from the start.

Build for tomorrow

Solving today’s problems isn’t enough. Building a sustainable content management system that scales with your business and adapts to your changing needs is what will truly empower you and take your business into the future.

Lead the way

Our process was created to drive consistency, success, and take the burden off of you. Our team of experts will educate you throughout the lifetime of the project. Our project management team will scope, plan and collaborate with you every step of the way,  ensuring you know what to expect.

What Do Our Clients Say?

“Since the new website launched, Feed More has generated more than $3M in donations through the site, with a donation conversion rate of nearly 5%.”

Suzy Rohler