Our take on Consumer Applications

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Ralph Otto Director of Product

In a world increasingly shaped by digital, your business needs to evolve to meet the changing needs of your customers. Let COLAB design the digital solution that will revolutionize your business.

We create products that allow you to increase and strengthen your customer engagement.

We’ve worked with our clients to expand existing sales channels, digitize lines of business that were once manual, and create custom software that reinforces brand messages and deepens customer engagement. At COLAB, we know that every touchpoint with your customer is an opportunity to engage them in a unique way, to make an impact and achieve a goal. We collaborate with you to understand the problem, scope out the opportunity, and recommend a solution that fits within your project constraints. And at the heart of our consumer applications is removing every bit of friction between your users and their interaction with the product, creating a seamless experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Our Approach

We believe the sky’s the limit when it comes to digital innovation for companies like yours. But grounding those dreams with well-defined goals and a process that delivers solutions specific to your needs and constraints is critical to making those dreams a reality.

Strategic Foundation

We collaborate with your team to shape a powerful strategy and recommend a viable solution. Using research, data, and decades of insights, our team of expert problem solvers can conceptualize innovative ways to reach your customers, with a sound plan on which to execute that solution.

Consistent Customer Experience

Creating an innovative solution that revolves around the user and enhances their experience is only half of the challenge with a new consumer application. Ensuring that the journey is unified across your entire digital ecosystem and that you deliver a consistent brand experience is of equal importance.

Performance Tuning

The software we build undergoes rigorous testing, both from a user and performance perspective. With user testing, we’ll ensure that your product functions as expected with live users. This can be used as a smoke test before release or as usability testing to ensure that everything meets a typical user’s expectations.

Analyze, Learn, Iterate, Repeat.

Launching a consumer application is when the real learning occurs. We will quickly transition into a sprint-based environment where we review user behavior, derive insights, and translate that into actionable recommendations. Our team will work quickly to iterate on your product, constantly working towards your established goals.

“HORNE’s work with COLAB has reset the bar with how we will work with agencies in the future. COLAB not only delivered, they delivered in stressful, time-sensitive programs with incredible needs. Quite simply, we wouldn’t be where we are in those programs without COLAB.”

Michael Dickerson
Senior Manager

Curious about the types of business solutions we’ve created for our clients?

Interactive Experiences & Games

Custom planned, designed, and built experiences to engage new customers through campaign support or long lasting awareness initiatives.

Learning Management Systems

Online learning systems for teachers and students including course/class management, quizzes/assessments, certifications, and credit tracking.

Certificate Generation

Dynamic PDFs that include user generated information to produce customized materials on the fly for certification.

MLS Connected Property Listings

Development of residential and commercial real estate tools using MLS data feeds including integration of Apto and IDX tools.

Interactive, Map-Based Search

Creation of interactive maps to allow customers to process and manipulate information visually including integrations with Google Maps, Mapbox, and Leaflet.

Calculators and Quote Generators

Human-friendly forms that make it simple for customers to get the personalized information they need to make decisions and engage.

Proposal Generators

Tools to quickly generate customized proposals for your customers, with the right balance of personalization for impact and templates for consistency across your organization.

Voice Experiences

More than 40% of adults use voice search daily. Meet your customers where they are as they continue to integrate voice into their daily lives.

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