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Ralph Otto Director of Product

Custom software can solve problems that are difficult, time intensive, or laborious. It can also lead to powerful insights for your business that would otherwise be missed opportunities.

Information silos are the enemy of efficiency and critical insights for your business.

Unfortunately, many systems weren’t designed to communicate with one another, resulting in businesses operating with disparate data. It leads to wasted time and financial resources and countless wasted opportunities. Data management and the interaction of different systems are critical in maintaining a competitive edge for your business. COLAB can modernize your entire application communication infrastructure through real-time integrations and API connections and custom software, creating a powerful digitally-driven insight machine for your business.

Our Approach

Whether you’re looking for operational agility, data accuracy, automation, or perhaps you have a problem you can’t solve, COLAB delivers enterprise-level programs to support digital initiatives in your organization.

Start with the vision

We work with business, marketing, and technical stakeholders alike to uncover and articulate the vision of the outcomes you’d like to achieve. We listen, ask questions, and interpret discussions to turn those needs into tangible project requirements. We dream big here and will push you to innovate and rethink how you work.

Design a user-centric experience

Just because you build it, does not mean they will come. Too often, the critical components of customer-facing websites are skipped for internal software. We create software for your business with the same UX/UI design standards that we employ in our marketing websites.

Build for change

Building sustainable software that will adapt to your changing needs is what will truly empower you and take your business into the future. Our in-house development and engineering team will bring your vision to life and arm you with a platform that achieves your goals now and is ready to evolve with your needs.

Measurable outcomes

We execute your vision by delivering tangible results you can use to demonstrate the impact of your investment. We can help monitor and analyze the usage of your application. This includes behavioral tracking as well as KPI monitoring to ensure that the application’s goals are being hit and the right features are being prioritized. At the end of the day, what we build together is only as good as the goals it achieves.

COLAB integrated [our websites] with our workforce management system and SalesForce. They also built a sales portal, and an award-winning corporate messaging system. I’d highly recommend them to any business

Jess Timmerman
Director of Marketing

Curious about the types of business solutions we’ve created for our clients?


We can seamlessly integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, marketing automation platforms, HR systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, communication platforms, and many other tools to create a solution that will have a measurable impact on your business.

Intranets and Portals

Most corporate intranets are clunky, poorly designed, and lack meaningful functionality. COLAB can build a custom intranet or portal for your company that will accommodate your specific needs and unique workflows, streamline your operations, and optimize the user experience.

Recruitment and applicant management integration

We can connect and build operational tools to simplify candidate management and facilitate the hiring process including custom workflows for intaking prospects and integration of HR tools.

Real-time data feeds

Applications to consume, process, and display real-time information within dashboards and websites using technologies like Vue.js and React.js to update as data changes.