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    How to Boost Your Recruitment Efforts Via Your Website

    Digital Marketing -

    Establishing an effective sales funnel is near the top of every marketing manager’s wishlist. But when it comes to serving all of your business needs, you have to look beyond just your website’s sales capabilities. If you want to secure a bright future for your organization, you need qualified people on your team, and that […]

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    Don’t Let Google’s ‘Core Web Vitals’ Sink Your Search Rankings

    Digital Marketing -

    As a digital marketer, you depend on search engine traffic for your business. Unfortunately, the algorithms that determine where your site appears in results pages are in a state of constant flux. With every update to how rankings are determined, marketers race to ensure their website conforms to new best practices. Last fall, Google again […]

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    Streamline Customer Service with a Knowledge Base

    Strategy -

    When performing at its best, your website is a vital tool for finding your next customer. Just as importantly, it’s also a powerful resource when it comes to nurturing the customer relationships you already have. Whatever your industry, your business depends on customers and clients not feeling left behind when they have questions or issues […]

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    How to Align Your Team’s Design Goals During an Agency Collaboration

    Design -

    As your business begins an engagement with an agency, every stakeholder in your organization views a website redesign differently. Your head of sales has a vision for how the new website should look to meet their needs, while the executive team may have a different set of priorities. Factor in the subjective nature of visual […]

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    How API Integrations Will Take Your Marketing Further

    Development -

    From promoting your company’s offerings to illustrating its internal culture, your website is your most powerful marketing tool. Consequently, marketing managers are consumed by the need to ensure it always delivers the best experience possible. Given the demands of today’s digital business, this qualifies as multiple full-time jobs. As you extend your website into new […]

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    Maximize Digital Marketing Data Using Google Data Studio

    Digital Marketing-Strategy -

    For digital marketers, Google Analytics (GA) offers an illuminating window into customer behavior, interests, and the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. That said, for all the powerful insights GA promises, its default user experience leaves a lot to be desired. One of the most powerful website analytics tools on the market, GA requires some […]

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