What We Do

We believe that digital platforms should not only solve problems but lead to transformative change. We partner with marketing leaders to unlock growth and eliminate waste within their organizations.

What does it mean to have a digital platform instead of just a website?

For your customers, it means:

  • A consistent brand experience across your entire digital ecosystem
  • A digital experience that exceeds expectations and stands out from the competition
  • The ability to find what they need quickly and execute tasks effortlessly

For you, it means:

  • A design system that’s scalable across your entire digital ecosystem
  • The ability to manage content quickly and effortlessly
  • A tool that is flexible, provides longevity, and scales with your business
  • A data structure that provides you with real time feedback from users’ interactions
  • Analytics reporting that you can understand, derive insights from, and report to your organization
  • A team that is 100% dedicated to supporting you and your team, while helping your organization innovate and grow

“COLAB modernized digital at ChenMed. They reorganized, rebuilt, and redesigned our corporate, patient, physician recruitment websites and integrated them with our workforce management system and SalesForce. I’d highly recommend them to any business.”

Our Capabilities

Strategy & Information Architecture

We build an intimate understanding of your business. That means we dive into your industry, constituents, user behaviors, and unique challenges in order to clearly define what success means for you and for your customers. Once goals are established, we combine that with our own insights and experience as well as intentional, user-centric content architecture to create the perfect blueprints for your project.

UX & UI Design

Users are at the heart of everything we design which means our design techniques prioritize reinforcing your brand and driving customer engagement. Every visual implementation is driven by your strategic goals. We believe that beauty without purpose has no place in today’s digital environment.

Technology & Engineering

Our team of technologists collaborates closely with strategy and design teams to ensure the technology solution supports the overall project goals. Our web developers ensure high fidelity execution of design artifacts and our engineers simplify what may have previously been the impossible.

Testing & Analytics

Our testing team tests, measures, and identifies site issues. On new projects, we employ robust end-to-end testing and quality assurance practices to ensure site function and consistency. On existing sites, audits and assessments allow us to identify website issues. Simply put, bugs don’t stand a chance.

Digital Project Management

Our project managers get it. They work with strategists, designers, and developers day in and day out to ensure that the software we build delivers results. Their understanding of customer needs and the software cycle allows them to ensure that the right features are prioritized and that your team knows what to expect, when, and is kept abreast of progress every step of the way.