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The Compass School is a small group of early childhood private schools in Illinois, Ohio, and Virginia. The school subscribes to an educational approach inspired by a city-sponsored educational system serving children up to age six in a town in northern Italy called Reggio Emilia. The Reggio Emilia educational system is commonly recognized as one of the best programs for young children worldwide.

The Challenge

The Compass School engaged COLAB to create a new to reflect the Compass School’s brand, mission and vision.

While the site design was dated, the user experience was causing the most challenges. We had to call users to action and generate requests for a tour. The user experience had to be much smoother. The Compass School had a vision of growth so the new site required a design that was flexible and expandable.

On the back end however, is where the real challenge lay. This site’s architecture had to be flexible, usable, and efficieWe customized the WordPress CMS to make almost every single content element of the site manageable through the admin interface. For their users, we designed elements to handle the Compass School’s anticipated growth, like the footer and navigations. The new mobile menu gives users much faster access to information and conversion points site-wide.

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The new site is cleaner and easier to use regardless of device. Content and design elements now more accurately reflect the core tenets of The Compass School.

nt. While the administrative access and capabilities are important for most websites, it was especially crucial on this one with multiple content managers in multiple locations, none of whom were technical, nor in the same physical place.

The Solution

To make content management as easy as possible, we built a custom WordPress theme and tailored the site admin entirely to the Compass School’s needs. We worked to to improve staff workflow and processes within the website, including automating form responses to save the client time and money.

COLAB was able to collaborate with the Compass School to address their needs and fears around content, giving them not just a new site, but an intuitive content management platform that reflects the their brand, mission, and vision for today and the future.

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