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Shoosmith Construction specializes in heavy construction – site work, industrial, utilities, and hauling. Shoosmith works hands-on across Virginia and North Carolina with commercial, residential, governmental, and industrial clients, with more than 80 years of experience behind them. The relationships that they build are as important to them as the projects they work on.

The Challenge historically had not been effectively leveraged as a sales or lead generation tool. Our job was not only to improve messaging and generate leads, but to present Shoosmith Construction in a visually compelling way that would showcase their portfolio of projects, and increase awareness of their breadth of capabilities and service offerings.

Shoosmith Construction also uses the site as a recruiting tool. Many of the staff have been with the firm for decades, and so recruiting top talent that is the right cultural fit is crucial.

And finally, Shoosmith also wanted to establish a level of differentiation between the construction company and Shoosmith Landfill.

The Solution

To their credit, Rick Guidry and the Shoosmith team were very involved and engaged in the process right from the start. COLAB interviewed and worked very closely with Shoosmith staff and management during discovery and strategy and their candor helped us immensely in identifying and prioritizing project requirements.

One consideration for the site was ease of use on the back end. We customized the admin side of WordPress to make it even easier for Shoosmith content editors to manage the day-to-day content of the site.

We also challenged them a little creatively. We believed strongly that a static homepage would undersell the Shoosmith brand, so we presented the idea for the homepage animation that was not in the original scope of the project. Rick and his team loved the idea and jumped on board immediately. While subtle, we believe the animation adds a pop of cool that makes the homepage a more worthy of the Shoosmith brand.

To help facilitate recruitment and applications, COLAB built an extensive online application form that saves Shoosmith Construction significant time and money, and allowing them to screen talent more effectively and easily. Previously this was also done with paper forms and a lot of manual work to process them.

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In the end, Shoosmith was overwhelmingly happy with the the new They’re getting consistent, positive feedback from their customers, prospects, and applicants. They’ve also seen a marked increase in leads, and a flood of new job applications.

Projects like these, where we can collaborate to build a site that truly provides a competitive advantage to our customers, are incredibly satisfying to work on. Having enthusiastic and invested partners like Rick and the Shoosmith team makes our jobs even more fun.