Relaunching an Open Source Software Community at Kubecon

The team at K8ssandra wanted to invigorate their community by redesigning the website for a more integrated user experience.

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K8ssandra open source project

K8ssandra is an open-source project that provides tooling to make it easier to manage enterprise databases. It extends Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes to provide a NoSQL database designed to handle large amounts of data and provide high availability.


Despite being an excellent tool for Apache Cassandra database administrators, the K8ssandra community was less active than many other open-source projects. The team at K8ssandra wanted to inject new life into the brand, starting with a redesign to build the foundation for a more valuable web experience.


We worked with the fantastic team at K8ssandra to redesign the website using updated brand standards. We integrated a new Discourse forum to promote community member engagement. This tool would allow contributors, users, and their community manager to discuss and debate the project. Their documentation site followed suit to the forum and was themed to align with the primary website.


The team was thrilled with our redesign. The website was relaunched to the public at Kubecon, a big event for Kubernetes (a tool for deploying infrastructure), where it made a big splash. We’re so pleased to have supported this very cool software project.

Following the major announcement at Kubecon, we created the K8ssandra Config Builder, a web app that allows you to generate a configuration file that is ready for use!