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Celebrating a Solid Century with a Rockin’ Microsite

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To capture and promote the history and unique stories of the past 100 years, Luck Companies engaged COLAB to design and develop a campaign site specifically for the impressive milestone. The microsite was intended to celebrate Luck Companies‘ history as a fixture in the industry, showcase the dreams of their associates, share the stories of those who worked with and for the company throughout the years, and highlight their corporate impact on the communities where they operate.

Bespoke Design

Opting out of a traditional Content Management System (CMS), the microsite provided the strategic flexibility necessary to craft a unique, highly engaging user experience. This decision gave rise to a custom-built platform that aligns with the storytelling nature of the centennial campaign.

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Interactive Timeline

At the heart of the microsite is an interactive timeline (powered by Vue.js). This feature allows users to explore each decade of Luck Companies’ history via a seamless y-axis paralaxing feature. This timeline exemplifies how visual storytelling can entice users to engage with content dynamically. Within each decade of content, the user interface incorporates hand-illustrated aggregate details and other bespoke visual elements.

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Phased Content Releases

Coinciding with Luck Companies’ 100th-year communications calendar, COLAB launched microsite content in phases to align with targeted content promotion by the Luck Marketing Team. This ongoing strategy bolstered earned media opportunities, fostered continuous user interest, and helped to grow repeat engagement with the site.

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Human-Centric Storytelling

The Your Stories section highlights personal accounts and reflections and adds a human touch that resonates deeply with internal and external audiences alike. Subsequent content additions like Our Dreams linked the associate’s dreams to the company’s charitable foundation. The final release celebrates the incredible Community Impact Luck Companies made – via each associate – to celebrate their 100th year.

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The anniversary microsite achieved its goal as a centralized communication hub for the 100th-year celebration, attracting traffic from various channels and serving as a repository for all campaign messaging. The site’s innovative features and phased releases supported strategically the storytelling focus and omnichannel campaign efforts, garnering positive reviews.

The Luck Companies 100th Anniversary Microsite exemplifies how marketers can use digital experiences to celebrate accomplishments, create earned media opportunities, AND build user engagement. The collaboration between Luck Companies and COLAB yielded an impactful platform for the 100th-year celebration as well as features that will continue live as part of their primary corporate site in the years to come.