Marine Corps Marathon

Enhancing the Run with a Better UX, Data Security, and Team Empowerment

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Marine Corps Marathon

The marathon’s route, which courses through some of the most iconic landmarks in Washington, D.C., including the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol Hill, adds to its prestige and appeal. Beyond its size and scenic course, the MCM is renowned for its organization, emphasis on runner safety, and community involvement, making it a paramount event in promoting physical fitness and showcasing the discipline and values of the United States Marine Corps.


The Marine Corps Marathon needed help with an outdated, cumbersome website. Over five years old, the site had become a confusing maze of more than 260 pages, scattering essential information and making it difficult for users to find what they needed. On the administrative experience side, the PR/marketing team had to be cautious with content updates due to fragility and a less-than-desirable content management experience. Lacking content controls limited the site’s potential and hindered the team’s progress.


COLAB set out on a mission to streamline and enrich the marathon’s digital experience. Given its FedRAMP requirement—critical for a government agency—we recommended WordPress as the CMS and WP VIP as its hosting platform.


The redesign began with a thorough evaluation of the existing website to organize content and identify opportunities for improvement. We worked closely with the team to envision a new digital experience focusing on user-friendliness and content richness. Through a fresh design, CMS customized for their needs, and content editor training, we created a new standard for MCM’s digital. “[WordPress] gives us much more creative freedom,” Loflin remarked, highlighting the shift from the restrictions of their previous CMS.



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The transformation of the Marine Corps Marathon’s digital platform yielded significant improvements:

  • More Connected Digital Experience: We enhanced the MCM’s online presence, providing a more cohesive digital experience across their primary website and the Haku registration platform.
  • Richer Content: The transition allowed for more engaging and interactive content. “We build much richer, more interactive content than before,” Loflin stated, emphasizing the improved capacity to engage their audiences.
  • Compliance and Flexibility: Importantly, the new website maintained compliance with government mandates (FedRAMP and Americans with Disabilities Act) while offering the flexibility to address specific challenges, such as Department of Defense mandated privacy disclosures. This balance between maintaining compliance while providing a positive user experience marks a significant advancement in their digital strategy.
  • Positive Feedback and Increased Efficiency: Internally, the overhaul has made a dramatic difference. “It’s made my job much easier while helping us vastly improve our overall user experience,” Loflin noted. This reflects the broader organizational benefits of the new CMS, website structure, and hosting platform, simplifying maintenance and content creation.

The PR team’s newfound flexibility represents a significant shift from the previous constraints, showcasing the empowering effect of our partnership with the MCM to elevate its digital capabilities.

Our collaboration with the Marine Corps Marathon, supported by the technological backbone of WordPress and WP VIP, exemplifies a successful digital transformation for their website (see WP VIP’s case study on the work).

By addressing the foundational issues of an outdated and unwieldy digital presence, the marathon has improved its ability to communicate with participants and stakeholders and set a new standard for how similar organizations can leverage technology to achieve their mission. The digital revitalization of the Marine Corps Marathon is a story of enhanced flexibility, connectivity, and engagement, opening a new chapter in its history as the People’s Marathon.