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Designing an immersive digital experience

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COLAB has been the digital innovation partner of the Virginia Lottery for the last four years.  In late 2015, they asked us to create a digital experience to educate players on eXTRA Chances.

Specifically the VA Lottery wanted to directly answer these questions:

  • What is eXTRA Chances?
  • Where do you find eXTRA Chances?
  • How do you enter?
  • How do you play scratcher games?

As their digital innovation partner, the Virginia Lottery often communicates their goals and asks COLAB to come up with new and interesting ideas.

Our idea was to design an immersive digital experience to show users first and foremost that people all over Virginia are not only playing eXTRA Chances, but that they’re winning eXTRA Chances. We wanted to show a real time feed of winners and locations in a way that was cool and compelling.

The experience provides the Virginia Lottery with an online learning tool to visually educate players on eXTRA Chances, how to play, and show them How To Scratch.

While the campaign has ended, you can view our solution here http://extrachances.teamcolab.com/.

The Challenges

In order to communicate specific visuals, we would be reliant on another of the Virginia Lottery’s partners, the Barber Martin Agency, to create many of the design assets, and they did a stellar job.

Performance of this site, with its many CSS animations, across many devices and older browsers, presented a real challenge. If the site didn’t perform, especially on smartphones, it would fail.

And finally, we believe if it’s not tracked, it never happened. We developed a plan for analytics and tracking early, before initiating design, and implemented analytics tracking for A/B testing.

The Solution

We worked with the Virginia Lottery’s IT department and used REACT and Amazon Lambda to create a secure, live feed of eXTRA Chances winner data. We converted this information into locations on a map using Mapbox. Then, the real work began, working with and optimizing the performance of the newly released version of Mapbox.

The Results

The resulting site shows players actually winning in real-time to reinforce the primary goal.We presented visitors with an engaging experience, allowing for dual paths of interaction and education, with an automated play and guided interactive version of the demo.

By showing users how easy it is to play and the benefits of playing, we facilitated the primary calls to action (Ready to Play and Find a Retailer).

As you might imagine, the Virginia Lottery drives a lot of media to support ticket sales and that was no different for eXTRA Chances. We were able to support a high volume of traffic during very visible TV advertisements. Throughout the entire campaign, ending mid 2017, the site received over 1.3 M views, 75% of which was from new visitors and potential players. With over 80% of the traffic being from a mobile device, we learned a great deal about these users informing future projects such as Print n Play (Link to Print n Play Case Study). Overall COLAB created a digital product that that achieves the Virginia Lottery’s business goals, and one with which they’re ultimately very happy.