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Give the Gift of Games

The purpose of this microsite was to create an interactive digital experience that allowed players and non-players alike a simple and fun way to find the perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers during the holiday season: Virginia Lottery scratcher tickets.

As a part of the campaign, the microsite goals were to generate awareness of the holiday-themed games and drive click-throughs to the Virginia Lottery site. COLAB created an analytics dashboard to measure results and ensure the campaign tracked ROI for the digital effort.

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Animated Digital Banners

Throughout our partnership with Virginia Lottery and its various agencies, COLAB supported their advertising and marketing campaigns by developing and animating interactive banner ads. The animation helps to engage users and increase ROI while following all necessary Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines. One challenge was keeping the ads ‘lightweight’ yet impactful to viewers. This optimization was critical in enhancing load times and overall user engagement across digital ad platforms.

Promotion for New Draw Games

Ez Cash Banners

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Video Banners

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VA Summer Jam

In a collaborative effort with the Virginia Lottery, Yebo, and StoryWerks, COLAB developed the digital backbone for the VA Summer Jam campaign, a summer-long promotion designed to spotlight concerts and music events across Virginia. The project objective was to encapsulate the electrifying atmosphere of live summer concerts into an online experience, engaging Virginians with a vibrant mix of music downloads, videos, and insider content from notable Virginia bands – alongside interactive elements such as behind-the-scenes stories, free concert tickets, and exclusive VIP music experiences.

Through a responsive website design built with WordPress, the site served as a central hub for promoting statewide musical festivities, leveraging a feed-driven design to dynamically showcase various content types — from blog posts and music downloads to event announcements and multimedia journal entries — across a range of devices and platforms.

A significant aspect of this project was to create a seamless user experience that mimicked the organic nature and excitement of attending live concerts. The website offered an immersive and engaging user interface by employing animated SVGs for visual elements like the homepage equalizer, event grid hover animations, and page transition effects.

Performance optimization was paramount because many of the microsite’s users would be on mobile devices. We took a nontraditional approach to the build to ensure a smooth user experience; the site was designed to load content rapidly, without conventional page reloads, providing immediate gratification that parallels the energy and fast nature of live music events. This effort combined creative design and modern web technology to support an engaging campaign.


The agency collaborations for the Virginia Lottery help each Agency of Record to bring their creative vision to life – digitally – and successfully deliver on specified campaign goals. Across multiple engagements, performance metrics demonstrate success in generating awareness, engaging key demographics, educating players, and converting users.

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