Baskervill Website Case Study



Baskervill, founded in 1897, is one of the nation’s oldest continually operating architectural firms. Their team is a diverse group of architects, interior designers, and engineers who are bold and collaborative, and fueled by a passion for the profession. So, it was a thrill to be asked by such passionate design professionals to redesign

The Challenge

Baskervill is a well-respected firm who has called Richmond home for over 100 years, and as of 2016 expanded to open an office in Washington, DC better serving clients around the country.

This new website supports Baskervill’s goal of competing nationwide for both projects and talent Not only did Baskervill need a design to better reflect their brand and culture, they also wanted to improve the site’s overall user experience better connecting users with the information they were looking for. In addition to these requests, COLAB was charged with increasing the efficiency of the Baskervill marketing team by developing a more user-friendly administrative interface and content management workflow.

In order to adequately showcase the firm’s work online, we needed to take advantage of beautiful, larger format images. While these tend to load very slowly, we were challenged with making the site to perform lightening fast on mobile devices. We also were challenged with designing the portfolio section to be unique and distinct, as well as worthy of the Baskervill brand.

The Solution

After thorough Discovery and Strategy phases, we created a clean, intuitive, and modern user interface to help support their beautiful project photography. To ensure the design and imagery was both beautiful and performant, we created a custom solution for loading large images for a broad range of devices.

We focused the interface on the delivering the content the user would want to see. We created a flexible grid system with a unique animation style for Projects completely in browser to make the design process as efficient as possible.

The News & Ideas section is a powerful page that allows content managers and site admins to select and feature content in a unique layout. The Projects page is an example of the flexibility of the admin and ability to customize the way content appears. The Project interior pages strive to get out of the way and let the work shine through.

And we spiced the site up a bit with some CSS animations, such as the loading animations and logo intro on the home page.

On the back end, we further customized the WordPress Content Management System and built  out a toolset and custom post types to help make managing the content and the site as easy as possible.


Not only did we design and build them a site that showcases their stunning work and is worthy of the Baskervill brand, but we vastly improved the user experience across all devices. In addition, Baskervill really likes the flexibility and ease of managing their content on the backend because of the customizations we made. The client is thrilled with the new!

Baskervill case study