Print n Play
Virginia Lottery

A Digital Experience to Educate Players


COLAB has been the digital innovation partner of the Virginia Lottery for the last four years.  In late 2015, they asked us to create a digital experience to educate players on the rebranded Fast Play program, Print ‘n Play.

Specifically the Virginia Lottery wanted to directly answer these questions:

  • What is Print ‘n Play?
  • How do you buy Print ‘n Play?
  • What are the different Print ‘n Play games?
  • How do you win Print ‘n Play?

As their digital innovation partner, the Virginia Lottery often communicates their goals and asks us to come up with new and interesting ideas .

Our idea for Print ‘n Play was to design an immersive digital experience which would show users, not just tell them, how to play. Players can play Print ‘n Play in a multitude of ways…from a retailer or from a machine, with multiple games at multiple price points, and we knew that communicating all of that information visually, with simple, clear, compelling graphics and animations and minimal text would be key to accomplishing the Virginia Lottery’s business goals.

Our solution is

The Challenges

In order to communicate specific visuals, we would be reliant on another of the Virginia Lottery’s partners, the Barber Martin Agency, to create many of the design assets, and we collaborated with them to gather the required file sizes, types, and resolutions.

The design and the branding of the individual tickets were going to change several times throughout the lifetime of the campaign.  We implemented several iterations of concepts and approaches, probing the client and zeroing in on the final concept.

The Solution

In designing, we simplified a new process for players, and made playing the games simple and easy to understand.

We streamlined our approach into a compelling game-like convention. We experimented with implementation approaches and developed a prototype to help refine details. We also created a flexible User Interface that will grow with the client’s needs, extending the shelf-life of the digital product.

The Virginia Lottery has a very high amount of smartphone users and Print ‘n Play directly responds to the growing trend in mobile. We designed this site with a mobile-first approach, meaning we didn’t design the desktop version first and modify it for mobile, we started with mobile, which forces more thought around user priorities and real estate, and therefore, smarter design choices.

And we implemented deep analytics tracking to gather information about user behavior so that the Virginia Lottery can better listen and respond to their customers’ needs and preferences.

The Results

By showing users how easy it is to play and the benefits of playing, we facilitated the primary calls to action (showing users how to play and finding a retailer).

As you might imagine, the Virginia Lottery drives a lot of media to support ticket sales and Print ‘n Play was no different. During the six month campaign, the site received over 300k pageviews, with over 90% of traffic from new visitors and potential players.

We continue to work closely with the Virginia Lottery and are excited to see what 2018 holds.