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Websites for Virginia Businesses/Nonprofits

COLAB supports the community by designing and developing marketing websites, web applications, and integrating technology services for Virginia-based businesses and nonprofit organizations.

For the past ten years, we have been a leader in the Richmond, VA business community. We proudly partner with local corporations and nonprofit organizations to help them develop websites and web applications. We love the face-to-face collaboration and the relationships we have built within the local community.

For Profit Businesses

We support our business clients through results-based web strategy and development work. This marketing and operational work helps to differentiate them from national alternatives, increasing marketing conversion, and lead generation, resulting in company revenue.

Nonprofit Organizations

We help our nonprofit clients through redesigns and website feature development. This work increases exposure to the community, building awareness, highlighting local needs, and increasing donations/charitable contributions.

How We Help

Our collective passion for service fuels our desire to make Richmond and Virginia overall a better place to live and work. As a result, we support our community whenever we can. Here are some ways we have helped over the years.

  • Improving Marketing Results

    We help generate leads and direct conversions through smart, prioritized digital marketing techniques.

  • Maximizing Value

    Our website redesign strategy revolves around the bottom line. We ask questions and prioritize tactics that maximize our ability to provide a ROI to our customers.

  • Leading the Community

    We seek to improve our professional community through a participation in member organizations, speaking events, and thought leadership in web technology.

Local Richmond Venues We Frequent

Nonprofits We Support

(through service, donation, in-kind, and volunteering)

  • Health Brigade
  • FeedMore
  • SportsBackers
  • The Virginia Home
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

Contact COLAB

If you’re a business, small or large, feel free to reach out. We are happy to provide expertise and advice to our neighbors, regional community members, and Virginia native community.