How WebOps Helps Credit Union Websites Deliver Exceptional Member Experiences

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Is your credit union’s online member experience truly exceptional? If the answer is anything but a resounding yes, it’s time to consider WebOps.

WebOps is a framework to reimagine credit union websites as lasting, evolving products instead of one-off website redesign projects. COLAB uses WebOps to create websites that solve marketing challenges and drive sustainable value for credit unions.

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Why Choose WebOps for Your Credit Union Website?

Traditionally, most websites are designed to get worse over time. Their content becomes stale, they’re difficult to update, and it’s a hassle to endure their glitchiness and resulting poor member experience.

In fact, many websites wouldn’t pass a basic quality control test, let alone the essential page performance requirements of Google’s Core Web Vitals. In 2020, just 22% of all sites on the internet met these standards. By 2021, it was still only about 50%, and today, web experts say it’s dropping again due to Google’s never-ending updates and new requirements.

WebOps provides a solution to these challenges because it’s an iterative and collaborative approach that proactively addresses common credit union site design and business concerns. To put it another way, it’s designed to always deliver a premier digital member experience.

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WebOps in Action at Virginia Credit Union

To understand how WebOps works in the real world to upgrade the member experience, consider an example from COLAB’s lineup of successful WebOps partners. At Virginia Credit Union (VACU), COLAB used WebOps to solve problems that are common at credit unions.

Problem: VACU’s site wasn’t member-friendly enough.
Solution: COLAB revolutionized the site from the inside out, without making it so drastically different that it disrupted existing members. We improved its functionality and standardized the site’s branch and ATM data to provide up-to-the-moment information in a welcoming, intuitive format.

Problem: VACU was struggling with old technology that couldn’t keep pace with marketing priorities.
Solution: COLAB reduced the credit union’s reliance on out-of-date technology and gave them a new platform that helps their site stay evergreen.

Problem: VACU needed a safe, secure site.
Solution: COLAB upgraded the entire site and transitioned infrastructure, increasing the standard of security and reliability.

Problem: VACU didn’t want to lose its members’ favorite features.
Solution: COLAB preserved and updated key digital member experience features, like the essential branch locator tool. This ensured members felt no loss of existing features, plus they now benefit from an array of new features that make the site a pleasure to use.

The VACU case study shows just how dramatically COLAB and WebOps can improve a credit union’s website to support the member experience. The redesign has produced a 32% increase in the click-through rate to getting started on a lead form, driving an incremental 42% in revenue each month. It’s clear that with COLAB’s help, the VACU site went from worse than ordinary to beyond extraordinary.

How Does WebOps Support Next-Level Marketing?

In addition to providing an excellent member experience, WebOps allows a credit union to elevate its marketing team by reducing website administrative changes and eliminating excessively wasteful tasks. Instead of getting bogged down with admin changes, the marketing team can keep its attention where it belongs: on marketing.

Plus, your marketers can now go a step further than they’ve ever been able to go before, fully pursuing an optimal digital member experience. WebOps supports marketing flexibility and creativity, allowing a credit union to introduce more innovative marketing campaigns with greater success.

This means marketers are freed to focus on high-value marketing tasks that deliver measurable business value. This also builds an ongoing, collaborative partnership between COLAB and the credit union, which supports accomplishing long-term credit union marketing goals.

Learn How to Improve Your Credit Union Marketing

If your credit union is ready to move its design, marketing, and member experience to the next level, COLAB can help. To learn more about how COLAB uses WebOps to improve credit union marketing, please click here to get free resources delivered to your inbox.