Integrating Drupal And Workday To Create An Effective Recruitment Portal

We used the Workday API to integrated HRIS data with this healthcare company's marketing website and CMS.

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Leverage HR data from Workday to power network of websites


Integrate Workday and Drupal to distribute personnel and location-specific data


Centralized data is now distributed across a network of websites with fine-grained controls

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COLAB delivered a powerful, cost-effective Drupal 8 multisite platform powered by data integrated from the Workday platform.

Workday Migration

ChenMed was in the process of migrating their internal systems to Workday, a large enterprise software platform that can streamline finance, HR, and planning functions ChenMed was particularly interested in leveraging some of the human resources features of Workday, namely employee data, such as locations, job functions, hiring, job postings, etc. They wanted to utilize Workday as a centralized resource for distributing physician information and job postings to the appropriate local websites in the ChenMed family of sites. They also wanted to coordinate role-based sales and marketing functions for their distributed staff. They hoped integrating Workday into their websites would open these possibilities.

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Architecture Is Everything

ChenMed’s ecosystem of websites includes their primary website ( and a series of market-specific websites that specialize in particular locations, such as JenCare Senior MedicalDedicated Senior Medical, and Chen Senior Medical. These sites have related visual branding, and share a considerable amount of content, types of pages, and structure.

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Given these requirements, COLAB recommended a website platform built on Drupal 8 multisite. This approach allows ChenMed to share code, configurations, and third-party software integrations across the entire ecosystem when and where it is advantageous, but also to maintain separate databases for each site.

Working from this platform approach to the entire suite of websites, COLAB was then able to build a custom Drupal 8 module to ingest data from ChenMed’s Workday system. The module provides ChenMed granular control for delivering targeted data from Workday to each specific site in the ecosystem of websites.

Distributing Location-Specific Content

At the site-level, website administrators can pull doctor information from Workday into their specific website. Changes to a doctor’s profile information is synced from Workday to each of the individual websites where it is displayed. Not only do the doctor profiles display only on the appropriate websites, within those websites the doctors are affiliated only with the specific facilities where they practice. This relationship is also defined by the Workday data.

Jobs related to specific websites and specific facilities are also pulled from Workday to the individual websites where appropriate. This is a critical time-saver both for administrators and for job seekers. With numerous facilities across the country, sorting through job postings to find the only the ones relevant to a particular facility or region of the country would be cumbersome both for users and for administrators. By integrating Workday into the job application and hiring process, postings and applications now stream directly between Workday and the websites without much manual intervention.

Localized Permissioning and Access

In addition to delivering content and data that is of relevance to the specific websites, the Workday integration can also help control permissioning on each of the websites, allowing only authorized personnel to login and access the administrative capabilities of the website.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Along with access permissions, the Workday integration provides staff profiles for the sales & marketing portal. The portal is a tool we built in Drupal for the sales staff to order supplies and marketing materials. The integration of Workday with Drupal controls who can order which materials, provides a workflow for managers to approve orders, and tracks orders against budgets for each person.

Workday + Drupal

The integration of Workday with Drupal 8 has created a very powerful platform for ChenMed and its facilities. They have tremendous control over the flow of centralized data to their website and fine-grained controls for permissioning who has access to each website. This functionality is critical for their business operations, especially for a company that has a centralized headquarters and distributed facilities across the country.

As a result of this integration, ChenMed has achieved higher levels of operational efficiency and consistency across the organization. Each site in their ecosystem operates in the same way, using the same tools and the same data, providing improved usability and comprehension for staff and site visitors. The shared platform also makes training and site operation much more efficient, in addition to lowering costs of maintenance and upgrade.

COLAB modernized digital at ChenMed. They reorganized, rebuilt, and redesigned our corporate, patient, physician recruitment websites and integrated them with our workforce management system and SalesForce. I’d highly recommend them to any business.

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