Virginia Lottery

Educational Experiences to Drive User Interest, Engagement, and Understanding

Virginia Lottery Player Education

Why Invest In Player Education?

Player education is crucial to the Virginia Lottery as it significantly enhances the user experience. By providing clear instructions and guidance on how to participate in various games, players can enjoy a smoother and more engaging interaction with lottery products. This reduces confusion and frustration, which in turn increases player satisfaction.

Educating players about the rules, odds, and responsible gaming practices helps promote safe and informed participation. The Virginia Lottery aims to ensure players understand the importance of setting limits and playing responsibly. This approach not only protects the players but also helps maintain a positive public perception of the lottery.

Comprehensive education initiatives help demystify new games and features, making them more accessible and attractive to players. This increased understanding encourages more frequent participation and fosters loyalty among players. Engaged and informed players are more likely to return and try new games, driving sustained interest and revenue.

As the lottery’s digital innovation partner, COLAB helped the organization create valuable player education experiences, which served as both informational microsites as well as marketing tools. Demonstrations of game mechanics presented in an engaging format were designed to drive curiosity among existing and potential players. Clear messaging through these digital channels helped to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the organization’s promotional campaigns, with the objective to build higher sales and market penetration.

Print ‘N Play

Print n Play player education flow


The Virginia Lottery rebranded its Fast Play program to Print ‘n Play and partnered with COLAB to create a digital experience that educates players on the new games. The initiative aimed to answer key questions regarding what Print ‘n Play is, how to buy it, the types of games available, and how to win.


  • Educate players about the rebranded Print ‘n Play.
  • Communicate complex information visually and engagingly.
  • Ensure the digital solution aligns with Virginia Lottery’s business goals.


  • Immersive Digital Experience: Designed to show players how to play through compelling graphics and animations.
  • Mobile-First Approach: Focused on mobile optimization to meet growing smartphone usage trends.
  • Collaborative Design Efforts: Worked with the Barber Martin Agency for design assets and branding.
  • Interactive Prototype: Developed and refined a prototype for better implementation.
  • Flexible User Interface: Created to adapt to future needs, extending the product’s shelf-life.
  • Deep Analytics Tracking: Implemented to gather insights on user behavior, aiding in responsive adjustments.


  • Over 300,000 pageviews during a six-month campaign.
  • 90% of traffic from new visitors and potential players.
  • Successfully educated users on how to play and the benefits of playing, driving primary calls to action.

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Extra Chances


The Virginia Lottery partnered with COLAB to create a digital experience aimed at educating players about eXTRA Chances. This initiative was designed to answer key questions such as:

  • What is eXTRA Chances?
  • Where do you find eXTRA Chances?
  • How do you enter?
  • How do you play scratcher games?


  • Educate players about eXTRA Chances and demonstrate real-time winners.
  • Ensure optimal performance across all devices, particularly smartphones.
  • Track and analyze user interactions for continuous improvement.


  • Immersive Digital Experience: Developed an engaging online tool that visually educates players on how to participate in eXTRA Chances.
  • Real-Time Winner Feed: Utilized REACT and Amazon Lambda to create a secure, live feed of winners, displayed on a map using Mapbox.
  • Collaborative Design Efforts: Partnered with the Barber Martin Agency for design assets and branding.
  • Focus on Mobile Optimization: Ensured the site performed well on smartphones, which accounted for 80% of traffic.
  • Analytics and A/B Testing: Implemented comprehensive tracking to gather data and improve user experience.


  • Over 1.3 million pageviews during the campaign, with 75% from new visitors.
  • Enabled dual paths of interaction: automated play and guided interactive demo.
  • Successfully supported high traffic volumes during TV advertisement campaigns.
  • Facilitated primary calls to action, such as “Ready to Play” and “Find a Retailer.”

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The Virginia Lottery’s collaboration with COLAB has been instrumental in creating immersive digital experiences that effectively educate players and drive engagement.

Through the redesign of Print ‘n Play, COLAB developed an engaging online tool utilizing compelling graphics and animations to demystify game mechanics. This mobile-first approach, combined with deep analytics tracking, resulted in over 300,000 pageviews within six months, with 90% of traffic coming from new visitors. The initiative successfully educated users on gameplay and benefits, thereby driving primary calls to action.

Similarly, for eXTRA Chances, COLAB crafted a real-time winner feed and an interactive educational platform optimized for mobile devices, which accounted for 80% of traffic. With over 1.3 million pageviews during the campaign and 75% new visitors, the initiative supported high traffic volumes and facilitated key interactions such as “Ready to Play” and “Find a Retailer.”

These efforts underscore the importance of player education in enhancing user experience, promoting responsible gaming, and supporting the Virginia Lottery’s business goals.