Drupal 8.8: Embedded Media and Upgraded Admin UI

Ralph Otto author photo
Ralph Otto Director of Product

We’re very impressed with the latest update for Drupal. While Drupal 8.8 is technically a minor update, it introduces some pretty major features.

Drupal Media Library

Site owners will immediately see improvements with the added ability to embed media directly through the WYSIWYG. They will also receive the benefit of a new admin UI, which is more modern, usable, and accessible. This is a huge upgrade since the Drupal admin hasn’t had a significant redesign since 2009. Customers using workspaces to manage content releases will see improvements in collaboration as hierarchical workspaces are introduced in this version. This means any changes drafted by one administrator will cascade to other in-progress content.

Upgraded Drupal 8.8 admin UI

Customers will begin to see benefits in time/cost savings due to streamlined development operations (specifically configuration and dependency management). We will also be able to add help docs to improve operational efficiency for content managers and ensure that the CMS is well utilized.

Visitors will see performance improvements on any pages using the JSON API.

Overall, this is a fantastic feature update for Drupal 8 and sets us up to have a smooth transition to Drupal 9 (when it’s ready).

Learn More About Drupal 8.8

If you need help upgrading, give us a call, say [email protected], or fill out our contact form. This is a worthwhile upgrade and as mentioned, gets us in good shape for Drupal 9.