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eBook: Break the Endless Cycle of Website Redesigns by Embracing Agile Marketing

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Written by Eddie O'Leary


Traditional website redesigns essentially begin to deteriorate the moment after launch because our fast-paced digital market demands nonstop, innovative changes. Otherwise, competitors blow past you on their way to better serving your customers’ needs. 

So you face one clear option as a marketer: abandon the redesign and embrace Agile marketing.

Borrowing principles from Agile software development, Agile marketing means your site can flourish in a state of constant improvement. Instead of incurring the costs of starting from scratch every three to five years, the most vital tool in your arsenal remains a nimble work in progress.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How Agile marketing workflows differ from conventional website management
  • The four core advantages of adopting Agile marketing
  • Your organization’s five necessities to adopt Agile marketing
  • How Agile marketing builds organizational buy-in for your digital initiatives