Rx Company

Creating a Pharmaceutical Production Company Website on a Short Timeline

When a new company needed a website fast, we used our experience in healthcare to provide significant value in a brief timeline.


Building legitimacy and awareness for a new brand with a small window for success.


Designing and developing a website based on healthcare best practices and conventions.


Successful delivery and impressive presentation to Congress.

Rx Company

A pharmaceutical company identified the need for manufacturing pharmaceuticals in the United States  when the COVID-19 pandemic slammed production of generic medications around the world. It turns out much of the United States’s supply of generic prescription drugs are produced overseas in China and India. The aforementioned areas were some of those most impacted by COVID-19, magnifying the supply chain interruption. We’ll refer to this company as Rx Company in this case study to preserve their anonymity.


Over the course of a week, the idea of Rx Company materialized to a reality when meetings with members of the United States government were arranged to solicit funding and government partnership for the project.

The biggest hurdle for the team was establishing brand legitimacy in the eyes of Congress since they were such a newly founded company. They needed to leverage digital tools to rapidly deploy content for marketing and recruitment and they needed it to scale in the coming weeks.


While COLAB’s typical website projects run over the course of several months due to in-depth strategy, design, and development cycles, this company didn’t have time to wait. They needed the work done in a matter of days. Excited by the prospect of helping the startup get off the ground, our team brainstormed and came up with a unique approach to get the work done quickly with a WordPress build.

Relying on our teams’ experience and past healthcare marketing work, we dove into the project headfirst to come up with a strategy for delivering on a tight timeline. Between meetings in Washington DC, the Rx Company team filled us in on the details of their needs, and our team got to work.

The Rx Company team had the foresight to begin branding a little earlier in the process, so we were able to take rapidly produced brand assets and use them as an aesthetic guide to create a website that was cohesive with the brand. Rx Company rapidly produced draft content, and our team determined how to tell the right story through a combination of content, curated photography, and crafted page layouts.

Leveraging Pantheon and Cloudflare as scaling infrastructure, we rapidly developed the site and produced a draft for our client to review.


Within three days (yes, three days), we deployed the Rx Company website. While it was a substantially different website than our typical process produces, it achieved more than just the initial project objectives.

Rx Company Homepage

Our client was thrilled when they were able to present the website to their congressional contacts, effectively supplementing their pitch for funding. This added huge legitimacy to the brand as they used the website to demonstrate their experience in the industry as well as the big names represented on their board.

While our client must take the credit for having a fantastic solution to a problem of national importance, we like to think we helped them get there.

With continued scaling efforts, the company engaged in an ongoing relationship with us to support and improve the website. The website continues to serve as a tool to build legitimacy, but now also helps act as a recruitment tool.

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