Our President Eddie O'Leary Helps Advise Agencies in Pantheon's Survive and Thrive Panel

Ralph Otto author photo
Ralph Otto Director of Product

We were honored to be selected by Pantheon to participate in an agency panel. Pantheon is our web hosting platform (a.k.a. WebOps platform) of choice for WordPress and Drupal. Our President, Eddie O’Leary of COLAB, had the opportunity to weigh in on agency life during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Pantheon helps us save time on every project we work on which translates to customer value. During COVID-19, Pantheon is providing free enterprise instances to critical service providers so they can stay online. They are also extending additional benefits to customers to provide additional flexibility for remote teams. We appreciate this type of proactive community service. Strong values in addition to the time and cost savings Pantheon provides is why we recommend Pantheon migrations to our customers.

Eddie was joined by a few other leaders of digital agencies across the country:  Anne Stefanyk of Kanopi Studios, Brian Thompson of Mindgrub, and Marc Avila of 3 Media Web.

Some takeaways from the panel:

  • Prioritize remote work tools and essential practices that facilitate good communication
  • Provide regular company updates, encourage conversation, and keep staff and clients up to date
  • Even though sales have been slow the last few weeks, things seem to be picking up
  • Spend time on client outreach and see how you can help even if its outside of your comfort zone
  • Try online events in place of physical events for business events
  • For team building try out apps that promote personal connections like Donut for Slack or games like Jackbox.tv
  • Even though it’s not quick, take the time to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program offered by the SBA

Our favorite quote from the webinar:

I want to make sure when this is all over, our customers know that we really do care.

Eddie O’Leary, President

A big thank you to Pantheon for hosting this webinar to benefit our agency community as well as Drew Gorton, Director of Developer Relations at Pantheon, for moderating.

You can view the synopsis and watch the webinar on the Pantheon site.

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