Do More

Morgan Witham author photo
Morgan Witham Chief Executive Officer

COLAB seeks to help others achieve more. Usually, “more” means more brand awareness, more conversions, or more operational efficiency. With recent news and events, more takes on a new meaning:
more change.

We believe as an organization that every member of our community deserves to be treated equally. We support the #blacklivesmatter movement. We pledge to always listen, learn, support, and educate however we can. We believe our actions can be a catalyst for meaningful change in our organization and larger community.

Differing backgrounds, perspectives, and thoughts are what take our work to the next level. 

Our team, clients, and experiences over the years is all the proof we need that embracing differences breeds smarter teams, more well-rounded perspectives, and better outcomes in everything we do. Diversity breeds innovation and creativity. It unequivocally generates more value for our clients and a far better experience for our team. 

Corporate Responsibility

As a corporation, we take responsibility for leading the charge whenever we can. We have a call to do more. As a small business with the ability to shape how our team is structured, works, and behaves, our leadership proactively combats systemic bias. Here’s how:

  • Enforcing our anti-discrimination policies within the organization
  • Ensuring fair and unbiased hiring practices
  • Intentionally seeking out a diverse pool of candidates
  • Taking on clients that can make a difference for under-served populations
  • Volunteering as a team to help those in our community that need it most and raise our awareness of the organizations making an impact in our community
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging, unity, and authenticity within our organization; exclusivity is simply not tolerated and not who we are
  • Highlighting the importance of diversity regularly and with intensity
  • Training leadership on understanding and combating biased practices, especially those gnarly hidden or unconscious biases
  • Challenging implicit bias when we spot it
  • Listening, asking questions, learning, and always getting better
  • Adding to this list – we have a responsibility to do more

Support Organizations That Make Equality and Access Their Mission

We support organizations that support the empowerment of diverse or underrepresented groups as part of their mission. Below are some of the great organizations we work with and empower to do more. 

Better Housing Coalition Logo
Communities in Schools Richmond Logo
Feed More Logo
Partnership For The Future Logo

Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority Logo
Virginia Community Capital Logo
The American Civil War Museum Logo

Is That Enough?

No. Truthfully, it isn’t. Our work here is not done and while it feels small, we commit to continue listening, learning and seeking out ways to support the improvement of our society as a whole. We commit to doing the work, to doing more. If you have ideas on other ways we could use our talents to help, give us a call us at 804-433-3582 or email us at [email protected] or send us a message via our contact page.