Job Description

COLAB is a digital empowerment agency whose mission is to create digital platforms and processes that empower marketing leaders. We are a team of strategists, designers, developers, software engineers, quality assurance analysts, and project managers who collaborate day in and day out to elevate how our clients use digital within their organizations. 

We are looking for a Senior Web Developer to bring designs and wireframes to life through front end code and content management implementation. Front end development looks a little different at COLAB in that our web developers not only configure and build sites, but they also work on CMS development and building Javascript-based interfaces. Our Web Developers work on PHP-based CMS platforms with specialties in WordPress and Drupal. While experience in both is a bonus, this role is for an expert in WordPress. Thoughtful planning and working smartly is a large part of the Senior Web Developer role. That means creative solutioning within constraints, thinking through the impact of each stage of the project, and using what the client values as a guide for where to spend time and energy.

The Senior Web Developer will report to the Web Development Lead.

A Day in the Life

As a Senior Web Developer at COLAB, you can expect to be doing these types of activities on a regular basis:

  • Determine front end technology and CMS implementation approach for your projects; recommend appropriate technology solution given project constraints and ensure the foundation and early stages of work set you and the project team for success
  • Collaborate with strategists and designers to plan the scope, prioritize features, functionality, and CMS customizations, and determine the technical approach for projects
  • Proactively identity technical risks and when necessary, create a plan for mitigating technical debt
  • Provide specific feedback to the rest of the project team on the technical impacts of various IA, UX, and visual design decisions
  • Provide accurate estimates for all technology deliverables
  • Implement front end code (HTML/CSS/SCSS/JS) and CMS configuration for 2-4 concurrent projects (while our traffic manager tries to limit the number of projects you may touch in a given week, context switching is a normal and necessary part of working at COLAB; we like to think the variety keeps it interesting)
  • Understand and implement component-based development using principles of atomic design
  • Solve technology problems during regular meetings with project and practice teams
  • Share your work during code reviews to receive feedback from other team members; provide thoughtful feedback to others regarding their code
  • Stay up to date with industry developments and trends; experiment and create proofs of concept when necessary 
  • Collaborate with Web Development Lead to ensure operational efficiency and quality of technology work

About You

Here are some qualities that should ring true for you as a strong candidate for the Senior Web Developer role at COLAB:

  • You are an expert in WordPress with workable knowledge of Drupal
  • You have a deep understanding of front end development and content management
  • You have a balanced understanding of developing the best technology approach given project constraints and can advocate for decisions that balance priorities of COLAB, clients, and constraints – you can plan and work smartly
  • You know and thoroughly understand HTML and CSS/SCSS and are skilled at using JavaScript
  • You have an understanding of UX and visual design concepts to provide perspective on web technology
  • You consistently build visually accurate websites from design mockups with strong attention to detail
  • You are a planner and a problem solver by nature
  • You are adept at agile development practices including continuous integration and deployment and iterative development
  • You are comfortable with productive debate, listening to differing perspectives and offering up your own insights and ideas
  • You are innately curious, a forever learner, and enjoy learning about and applying new technologies
  • You have 8+ years of experience developing front end technologies for websites and web applications with expertise in HTML, CSS/SCSS, Javascript, React.js/Vue.js


  • 8+ years experience in a technology role
  • Senior-level front end development capabilities
  • Experience working on small project teams
  • Experience working at an agency


These are the things that no one ever puts on a job description, but always expects, so we’re just going to say it here:

  • Be nice and friendly to everyone
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Communicate clearly and honestly with everyone
  • Collaborate always – more brains is better than one
  • Handle tough circumstances with grace and resiliency
  • Look for solutions rather than blame
  • Accept feedback as insight into the work, not as a personal affront
  • Be yourself – we believe authenticity breeds innovation

Sound like a good fit?