Pacers Running Case Study
Pacers Running

WordPress Redesign for Running Store with WooCommerce

We redesigned Pacers Running’s website to enable more marketing control and more effective online sales. Visit Pacers Running

Pacers Running is so much more than your average running store — every Pacers store is a community running center.

At the core of Pacers is their belief that running is a fun, accessible conduit for improving our lives and the communities in which we live. Each location offers its community the best available equipment and fitting assistance, but what sets Pacers apart is their next-level commitment to running and the community through their in-store events and programs, pop up stores, Fun Runs, training teams, and, of course, their not-to-be-missed races.

The Problem

Pacers is a bright and vibrant organization, passionate about their mission, and Pacers’ old site’s visual language didn’t fully demonstrate these aspects of their personality.

Because of all of the information that lived on the site — the different locations, events and programs — organizing the information was challenging, and finding the information you needed and learning about everything Pacers has to offer were difficult at times.

The Solution

COLAB and Pacers partnered to transform their digital brand, and the foundation for the new site was firmly established in their recently refreshed logo, type and color palettes.

With this new look and feel as the base, we created a vibrant, energetic site that clearly communicates who Pacers is and all of the services and events they provide to their community.

Pacers’ new site is fully responsive — from the home page to the online store — and built on WordPress. Pacers is unique in the fact that it has access to a wealth of amazing images and graphics, and we designed and built their site to take advantage of this opportunity to feature their stunning photography by SwimBikeRun Photo and the custom race graphics and iconography Pacers produces in-house for each of their events.

One of our top priorities was ensuring the site’s information hierarchy was clear and that the site was structured to make it easier for users to learn about what Pacers does, find race and location information, and shop Pacers’ online store. One particular area we focused on was the Races, making sure the crucial race information, such as the date, location, price and registration button, was placed prominently in areas that would be easily accessible.


You’ll see throughout our site that we say we couldn’t do any of the work we do without clients that are great partners, and Pacers is no exception.

Creating a new site that delivers on our strategic objectives and encapsulates and showcases Pacers’ personality is an accomplishment we are incredibly proud of. We’re especially fortunate to have Pacers as a part of Team COLAB.