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Marketing Potential, Unleashed with Drupal 8 Replatform & Redesign

COLAB Empowered VACU’s Marketing Team to Take Full Control of a New, Powerful Drupal 8 Platform Visit VACU
  • Opportunity

    Website limited what the marketing team could do to promote VACU’s amazing products and services

  • Solution

    Redesign and replatform with Drupal 8 to empower the marketing team with greater control over the messaging capabilities of their website

  • Outcome

    Dramatic acceleration of marketing efforts and innovations, ability to compete in new markets, and fantastic results.

Founded in 1928, Virginia Credit Union offers financial products and services that provide financial guidance and insight to more than 250,000 members. The cornerstone of VACU’s philosophy is to empower its members to live with confidence. How they communicate their mission and offerings is vital to their ongoing success.

Empowering People

Virginia Credit Union has a passionate marketing team who believe strongly in the products and services VACU provides its members. They have an ambitious and inspiring vision for their marketing strategies, but in order to achieve many of their goals, they need their website to support their efforts. Unfortunately, their website repeatedly limited their ability to execute their ideas for communicating their message to current and prospective members. 

VACU’s existing web platform made content management and administration difficult, requiring support from VACU’s IT team to make basic content changes. This was not ideal for anyone. VACU is fortunate to have a supportive IT team, but they must manage VACU’s entire technological infrastructure — the website being just one piece in a large portfolio of responsibilities. Supporting content management for the marketing team was not the best use of limited IT resources, especially given the opportunity to employ a modern content management system and to leverage professional cloud-based hosting services. The situation was ripe for a real digital transformation.

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The Best Results Are Built on Trust

The new VACU website

VACU was pleased with the branch-locator app we had recently built for them, so they asked COLAB for help in solving the larger issues they had with the website. We began by taking development responsibility for their legacy DotNetNuke website. This, at least, alleviated some of the burden from the IT team. Despite the initial relief, it was readily apparent that the limitations the CMS were going to remain a constraint for the marketing team. We recommended they replatform the site using Drupal 8 and move their hosting infrastructure to the cloud with Pantheon.

For an organization that has historically maintained tight control over their technology infrastructure (for very good reason — it is banking, after all), relinquishing management of the web servers was not an easy decision. We were able to collaborate with VACU this was the right course of action because we had developed a strong foundation of trust and accountability with both their marketing and IT teams. The formula for this relationship of trust was simple: we made recommendations, articulated how we would perform work, and then executed that work reliably, as we promised. When it came time to make a leap of faith, VACU felt comfortable with us as a partner to guide them through it.

With cloud hosting in place on Pantheon, we were then able to leverage Pantheon’s powerful dev-ops tools and workflows, along with the security protocols VACU’s IT team needed to have confidence in outsourcing the web hosting. We ported the legacy DotNetNuke website to the new Drupal 8 platform, providing VACU with a far more robust and flexible content management system.

Results by the Numbers

32% year over year increase in click-through rate to lead forms and a $3M overall increase in monthly revenue in the 6 months after the redesign

Control Is Everything

The new Drupal 8 platform hosted on Pantheon was a liberating experience for VACU. It freed the IT team from supporting a legacy system that was burdensome for everyone. It provided the marketing team with the power to control their content and quickly shape their messaging. It also established a solid foundation for redesigning the look and feel of the website when the marketing team was ready to refresh the brand.

After replatforming to Drupal, COLAB redesigned the look and feel of the VACU website based on a strategic understanding of their users. More than just a Drupal theme, COLAB produced a sophisticated, scalable design system that empowers the VACU marketing team to deliver new content through a powerful set of design components.

A COLAB team member working on code
COLAB continues to work with VACU to further enhance their digital capabilities.

The new website has allowed VACU to dramatically accelerate their marketing efforts and innovations. With modern form and function, VACU can now compete in spaces previously ruled by flashy digital banking start-ups.

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