Heartwood Wealth Advisors

Heartwood Wealth Advisors

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Heartwood Wealth Advisors is a wealth management firm established by its three founding partners — Wesley B. KaufmanStephen T. Clarke and E. Sidney Martin — out of a desire to create a firm that operates outside of the typical Wall Street model; a firm that focuses on transparency, collaboration, and an unparalleled level of personal service for each and every one of their clients.

The Challenge

One of Heartwood’s main goals for the project was to create a website that served as an extension of their brand tenets and demonstrated the experience of working with them. Heartwood’s old brand and website weren’t communicating the Heartwood story as clearly as possible. The brand voice and tone communicated at the same level as the sites of other wealth advisors and needed to be updated to reflect their unique personality. Their visual language also needed to be refreshed, and we partnered with Heartwood to help them tackle the challenges of developing a new brand and website.

The Solution

The name Heartwood comes from the name of the sturdiest and most desirable part of a tree. In living trees, the heartwood gives the tree the strength and stability required to grow and flourish. Heartwood’s foundation is based on sound, structured investing for their clients, and the concepts of strength, fortitude and growth are demonstrated in Heartwood’s identity and throughout the site.

Heartwood’s new, responsive website leverages some of the web’s cutting-edge technologies and practices, such as pushstate page loads, which allowed us to create an experience that feels fluid, seamless and fast.

The most important part of any website is its content, and we were able to help write all of the copy for Heartwood’s site — from the homepage to the form fields — shaping a distinct, engaging and approachable tone for every part of the site.

Incorporating strong, warmer images and background videos featuring Heartwood’s people as prominent design elements on the site give the site motion and energy and help convey the human element of Heartwood’s service. Our focus on fine details, such as the page transition animation and subtle parallax elements throughout the site, elevates the site’s polish and finesse.


We love the opportunity to build cohesive brands for our clients, and partnering with Heartwood allowed us to get in on the ground floor of their new look and feel and bring their thoughtful and engaging experience to life on the web. A special thanks to Fourth Line, who created all of the video on the site.

We are thrilled that our work on this project received a 2014 Bronze Cannonball from The Richmond Ad Club.