WordPress Development

Robust websites and web applications through WordPress Development for Virginia businesses and nonprofit organizations.

WordPress Development

COLAB works with clients to build and maintain WordPress- based websites, applications, and integrations. Our design and development teams have worked with WordPress for over 10 years. We have deployed hundreds of WordPress websites into production. Whether you need advice on your existing WordPress site or would like to discuss a new build, we are happy to help.

Why WordPress?

The Most Popular CMS

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS for good reasons. It is dead simple to use, maintain, and improve, because it uses development best practices in core code. takes advantage of SEO best practices to help sites rank.

Flexible and Long Term

WordPress can support small or large company websites when built by a professional team. It was previously known for its blog capabilities, but we have many corporate sites that are over 5 years old and are still performing well.

Open Source Development

WordPress is supported by thousands of developers worldwide, therefore, its core software is actively developed and plugins are constantly released to extend functionality.

Our WordPress Development Capabilities

We utilize our teams talents to create dead simple, content managed websites for our clients. Our WordPress development capabilities include services in website design and development similarly web applications and API integrations. We are experts at WordPress setup, configuration, hosting, theme creation, plugin development, API integrations, website migrations, and more.

Working with our WordPress Developers

CMS Planning & Configuration

A great WordPress website starts with the correct planning and setup. Our comfort and experience with the platform allows us to think abstractly about how strategy or design may impact development. Moreover, we can project how the platform should be structured in the long term by diligently defining requirements and planning the build, so websites continue to be sustainable in the long term.

Drupal Development Theming

Custom Theme Development

Our team’s skills most importantly, are centered around creating custom experiences for our clients and their customers. We develop according best practices including WordPress code standards whenever possible to ensure consistency and ease of maintenance. We utilize our advanced knowledge to ensure customers have the tools to do better business.

Lines of code on a computer screen

Plugins & Custom Plugin Development

WordPress is a CMS that certainly includes a lot of capabilities in its core. That said, it doesn’t have everything you need for your corporate or ecommerce website. When we work together, we help identify the best plugins to use. Subsequently, sometimes this means writing a plugin from scratch to meet your business needs.

wordpress Development in action

API Integration

When you’re interested in gaining operational efficiency, sometimes the answer is automating with an API integration. This type of work saves hundreds of marketing hours for sales, and executive teams. Some of APIs we’ve integrated into our WordPress sites include: Google Maps, Mapbox, Stripe, Salesforce, Apto, Pro Class, and more.

Team members reviewing a QA issue

Development Consulting & Assessments

Our years of experience and hundreds of different builds have armed us with expertise to assess any WordPress website. We do diagnostic work to examine site health and often dive into a broken or hacked sites. We have the tools and know how to deliver the information and results you need.

WordPress Questions?

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