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Custom web applications built to serve your business needs and provide results.

Web Application Planning

COLAB works with clients to create custom web-based applications. Our team has experience working with business and technical users alike to design and build custom applications for businesses. It all starts with the vision of the outcomes you’d like to achieve. Whether you’re looking for operational efficiency, data accuracy, automation, or perhaps just have a problem you can’t solve, we can help you get there. We’re always finding new ways to provide our clients with value through application development.

About Our Web Applications

Business Focused

Every business is unique and every business has unique problems. Our professional team of problem solvers can conceptualize and create custom software to get business results. We want to ensure that you get maximum value and an ROI.

Open Source Code

The platforms we use to build web applications are nonproprietary. This makes it easier and cheaper to maintain our applications. It also means you’re never locked into us for a support partner if we fail to meet your expectations.

Project Managed

Our digital Project Managers “get it.” They work with developers day in and day to ensure that the software we develop delivers on what was promised. Their understanding of customer needs and the software cycle allows them to ensure that the right features are prioritized.

Our Web Applications

We’ve created numerous web applications for small and large businesses to make work easier and better.

Software Engineer Working

In-house Development

Unlike many software development shops, our work is driven by our internal team versus offshore developers to ensure that our software is of high quality. Our design and development teams collaborate to ensure that no nuances are lost in translation. This results in a more successful product.

Web Application Meeting

Collaboration & Communication

We work with our clients to provide our knowledge of software and application development. We use our client’s domain expertise to ensure that web applications are appropriately designed and developed to best serve their niche market.

Web Application Requirements

Needs Analysis & Requirements Gathering

Let our strategy teamwork through your business problems and translate that to an appropriate solution. We can facilitate needs analysis, requirements gathering, and documentation to ensure that we are working off the best list of features.

Web Application MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Our team can create an MVP of your application idea. Using this as a proof of concept or version 1.0, you can take your MVP back to the business for validation, get additional funding, or release the application to the intended audience.

Web Application Mobile Testing

User Testing

We can run user testing for your application to ensure that it functions as expected with live users. This can be used as smoke testing before release or as usability testing to ensure that everything meets a typical user’s expectations.

Web Application Backlog Support

Backlog Management & Support

When version 1.0 of the application is completed, we are happy to offer long term support for your ongoing needs. We use agile development principles to ensure that we make tangible improvements to your product each sprint.

Reporting & Analysis

A tool is only as good as the goals it achieves. We can help monitor and analyze the usage of your application. This includes behavioral tracking for as well as KPI monitoring to ensure that the application’s goals are being hit and the right features are being prioritized.

What kinds of applications have we built?

We’ve built hundreds of applications over the years varying from MVPs for startups to operational tools for Fortune 500 companies. Below are some of the applications we’ve created:

  • Interactive maps with data filters

    Creation of Google Maps, Mapbox, and Leaflet interactive maps including large data set mapping, marker filtering, clickable regions, and more.

  • MLS connected property listings

    Development of residential and commercial real estate tools using MLS data feeds including integration of Apto and IDX tools.

  • Real-time data feeds

    Applications to consume, process, and display realtime information within dashboards and websites using technologies like Vue.js and React.js to update as data changes.

  • Recruitment and applicant management integration

    Operational tools to simplify candidate management and facilitate the hiring process including custom workflows for intaking prospects and  integration of HR tools.

  • Interactive experiences and games

    Custom planned, designed, and built games to engage new customers through campaigns or long lasting awareness initiatives.

  • Surveys and questionnaires

    HR and sales surveying tools to gather data points and information from internal team members as well as external customers.

  • Team/customer portals

    Custom portals for teams to collaborate, access tools, or view information including research/planning, design, development, and workflows to support team adoption.

  • Learning management systems

    Online learning systems for teachers and students including course/class management, quizzes/assessments, certifications, and credit tracking.

  • Certificate generation

    Dynamic PDFs that include user generated information to produce customize materials on the fly for certification.

  • Investment banking portal

    Creation of power tools for financial professionals to make more sales with professional looking, personalized documents for clients using live data.

  • Dashboards for reporting and analytics

    Custom created reports and charting to manage key goals/metrics and track usage as well as behavioral habits of users within systems.

  • Proposal generators

    Tools for salespeople to quickly generate professional and personalized proposals for customers including a combination of value-add materials and boilerplate.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

    Custom built tools for organizations that have unusual or specific business needs around customer management ensuring process and data enforcement.

  • Custom e-commerce

    Custom built e-commerce solutions for monetizing products and services based on an atypical business model or custom e-commerce requirements.

  • Frontend Javascript applications

    Development of app-like experiences using headless content management systems and reactive applications with Vue.js and React.js.

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