eCommerce Websites

Sell products and services to customers through your website, simplifying the sales process, and increasing revenue through analytics and iterative improvements.
Safety & Security

Businesses that offer products through an eCommerce website or online store have an edge on their competition. Consumers are turning to the web first to research, select, and buy products and services. Websites that capture visitors’ attention, provide a painless buying experience, and prove that they are trustworthy are more likely to get the product sale.

eCommerce Advantages

COLAB helps clients in Richmond and across Virginia to create online stores using proven technology that provide great customer experiences and are simple to manage.

24/7 Storefront & Sales

Whether you offer products or services, your website can act as your best salesperson, explaining the benefits and taking orders from customers even when you’re asleep. eCommerce websites never have to close and many stores do not require manual interaction to queue for fulfillment.

Streamlined Buying Process

The buying experience online is faster and easier for customers than in-store purchases or ordering by phone. Customers are presented with enough information to research and compare products. It is also a more efficient sale as much of the interaction and follow-up can be automated.

Wealth of Customer Data

Customers that make purchases online provide organizations with a tremendous amount of detail that can be used for follow-ups and other marketing or sales activities. It can also be leveraged to predict needs, boosting marketing relevance through more targeted campaigns.

Our eCommerce Solutions

There are hundreds of moving parts that go into an optimized online shopping experience. We see it as our responsibility to help navigate our clients through these options to create an experience reflective of their businesses.

Safe & Secure

We protect our clients by following established best practices in website security and encryption to ensure that customer data is secure. This includes storing credit card details offsite, encrypting data via HTTPS/SSL, and keeping eCommerce software up to date.

Web Application Meeting

Guided Process

We help our clients through the creation of new storefronts, redesigning/replatforming existing sites, and maintaining sites. Tackling an eCommerce project is intimidating, but our process is designed to ensure that key details are not missed.

Shipping, Tax, Payment, Fulfillment

Shipping, Payment, Tax, Inventory, & More

When setting up an eCommerce website, the decisions that need to be made can be overwhelming. Our team provides insights on the pros and cons of each decision that needs to be made, simplifying the experience and ensuring that appropriate solutions are found.

Software Engineer Working

Existing System Integrations

If you already have commerce tools and software in place, you don’t have to replace them to have a successful online store. Our engineers can create custom integrations from Quickbooks to ancient ERP systems to CRMs to gateway and merchant accounts.

Phone Google Optimized

Optimized for Search

A key to successful eCommerce is that you show up in search engine results. We tailor the sites we build to reflect your business while providing Google and other search engines with ideal page descriptions. Our technical SEO tactics combined with your niche content can put your store at the top of customer results pages.

Local Richmond, VA

Local Reliability

COLAB has established itself by producing some of the highest quality websites in Virginia. As technology disperses out of Silicon Valley and secondary cities become essential in growing local economies, we believe in a future where Richmond and Virginia local businesses will thrive.

eCommerce and Online Store Experience

The right solution is one that leverages the successful system that a business already employs. Our team will marry your business with the thousands of established options available to create a reflection of your brand, and an easy choice for your customers: those you have and those you’re after.

  • Customized to Needs

    Our solutions are customized to your business’s needs. This includes both administrative needs as well as customer needs. Such as:

    • Customized products
    • Configurable products
    • Calculators
    • Decision engines
    • And more…
  • Payment Gateway Integrations

    We have integrated a variety of payment solutions including custom gateway integrations. The most popular gateways we encounter are:

  • Shipping Integration

    Our customers use a variety of shipping carriers ranging from standard to custom integrations. We can also implement custom rules for special product cases such as scheduled deliveries. The most popular requests for shipping carrier integrations include:

  • Expert eCommerce Advice

    Through our eCommerce experience, we have a strong understanding of store operations and best practices based on many product types.

    • eCommerce platform selection
    • Product types (variable, virtual, subscription, etc.)
    • Purchase orders/invoicing
    • Labeling
    • Promotions/coupons
  • Inventory Management

    Controlling and managing inventory is a challenge for all businesses. Whether inventory is managed through a spreadsheet or ERP, we can help. Let us know your ideal process and we’ll help guide you.

  • Marketing Integration

    One of the most powerful advantages of eCommerce is the ability to automate high touch sales. Using customer data, marketing can be automated. For example, products can be suggested for a cross-sell or upsell automatically and abandoned carts can be marketed to customers.

  • Analytics

    Understanding the value of a visitor is even more important when managing online sales. Analytics and reporting can allow you to manage metrics such as your customer acquisition costs (CAC), abandonment, and conversions so you can optimize where you spend your effort and marketing dollars.

  • WooCommerce Design & Development

    One of our favorite eCommerce solutions is built by WordPress and maintained by Automattic. It can bolt on to existing WordPress websites and can often save money in development costs through the addition of plugins that supplement functionality.

  • Shopify Design & Development

    Another of our favorite technologies for eCommerce websites is Shopify. This hosted platform is very simple to manage and provides an excellent shopping experience for customers out of the box. It also has fantastic customer support and documentation for when you have questions or concerns.

  • Maintenance and Continued Support

    We work with our clients to continue their site’s growth through user experience systems, search engine optimization, updating systems, and ongoing maintenance.

  • Built for Customers Everywhere

    We create websites for users first. Whether you’re in Richmond or Virginia or elsewhere, we help identify your audiences and tailor the experience within the platform that will serve them best. Local SEO, product pick up, and location-based content can all speak to your audiences.

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