Credit Unions

COLAB’s experience working with credit unions helps us bring their unique value to life.

Customer Service Representative

Credit unions hold a unique role in the banking industry in that they work as service organizations for their members.

Unlike major banks, whose purpose is to increase the wealth of the bank, credit unions are member-driven and owned, established for the purpose of supporting their members’ financial interests. These differences from major banks are what makes their mission special, and what drives the passionate commitment of their organizations.


  • We understand what makes credit unions unique

    Especially their singular passion and commitment to the principles embedded in their mission.

  • We know how to navigate the complexities of varied internal stakeholders

    Bringing together Marketing, IT, and Compliance teams to consensus on how to make meaningful progress.

  • We help credit unions make smart choices with limited marketing and technology budgets

    Allowing them to compete with big banks where it matters most.

Service Offerings

Common problems we help solve for our credit union clients:


  • Member-Focused Strategy
  • Security & Regulatory Compliance
  • ADA & Accessibility Compliance
  • Modern Web Design Systems
  • Simple Content Management
  • Branch Locators
  • Secure Hosting & Infrastructure

Some Clients We’ve Helped