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We're looking for natural planners who love leading digital teams to achieve successful project outcomes.
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You probably know what a Project Manager does, so this is not an exhaustive list of the requirements or responsibilities for the job. It is, however, a description of the types of things a Project Manager at COLAB does, along with some of the qualities they should possess in order to be successful. This job description should help you gain an understanding of whether you are a good fit for the role.

As an employee at COLAB, your primary responsibility is to collaborate with your colleagues to drive successful outcomes for our clients. Period. How you achieve that will vary and change from project to project. We hope that prospect is as exciting to you as it is to us. The Project Manager will report to the Chief Operating Officer.

A Day in the Life

As a Project Manager at COLAB, you can expect to be doing these types of activities on a regular basis:

  • Plan and estimate assigned work
  • Drive collaboration within project teams throughout the life of the project
  • Manage project schedules to meet client deadlines using shared resources across the agency
  • Manage project scope, timeline, and budget for the client
  • Ensure project team adherence to the plan
  • Deliver excellent project documentation and client deliverables, with a keen eye towards detail
  • Ensure project success and client satisfaction
  • Ensure quality standards and profitability targets on all projects are met
  • Manage and report on project(s) status, health and chargeability
  • Establish and sustain client relationships, ensure all projects are managed to client satisfaction, drive customer retention and associated revenue

About You

Here are some qualities that should ring true for you as a strong candidate for the Project Manager role at COLAB:

  • You have a balanced understanding of project profitability and can help projects stay on track while at the same time understanding the business impact of every decision and resulting outcome
  • You can easily foster good relationships by handling a multitude of people/personalities with grace and are able to provide constructive feedback effectively
  • You can delegate firmly by assigning the right task to the right person while articulating the goals, requirements, and measurements of success
  • You can anticipate needs and ensure people have what they need to get the job done right
  • You’re proactive and not reactive – you tend to see around the corner and effectively anticipate problems so that you can mitigate and hopefully avoid them
  • You are incredibly organized – you have lists for everything and employ effective tactics to ensure items don’t fall through the cracks or fall behind
  • You fiercely block and tackle for your team by assisting when projects have hiccups, providing guidance on solutions, and helping them see around their own corners


These are the things that no one ever puts on a job description but always expect, so we’re just going to say it here:

  • Be nice and friendly to everyone
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Communicate clearly and honestly with everyone
  • Collaborate always – more brains is better than one
  • Handle tough circumstances with grace and resiliency
  • Look for solutions rather than blame
  • Accept feedback as insight into the work, not as a personal affront
  • Be yourself – we believe authenticity breed innovation
  • Make it count and make an impact

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COLAB, located in Richmond, VA, is a digital agency with a team of talented and motivated individuals with the core purpose of helping our clients achieve more through technology. Our team members come from interdisciplinary backgrounds with diverse perspectives, which we believe is key to great problem solving.


  • Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Retirement Plan (401k) with Company Match
  • Life Insurance (Basic, Voluntary & AD&D)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability
  • Training & Development
  • Work From Home (even before encountering a global pandemic)
  • Access to Onsite Gym & Pool
  • Free Food & Snacks (whenever we’re back in the office…sigh)