In order to meet the unique and changing needs of our customers, WP Bullhorn is transitioning from a standalone plugin product to offering custom site integrations only.

Since launching WP Bullhorn, we’ve found that a one-size-fits-all solution does not work, and that our customers need a solution customized to meet their needs. This approach is designed to drive a better customer experience, minimize frustration, and leverage our experienced team of developers and designers for your maximum benefit.

By default, our base plugin provides a custom post type for Job, a custom taxonomy for Job Categories, and a cron job written in PHP that pulls the jobs and categories from your Bullhorn account and saves them into WordPress.

Our integration also allows candidates to apply for jobs on your website and attach a resume via a customized GravityForm. Once the form is submitted, a copy is saved into the Gravity Forms submissions on the WordPress site, and another copy is sent to Bullhorn via the API for redundancy and peace of mind.

We wrote our plugin from the API up, which is why we’re able to offer custom functionality beyond the basic features listed above.

Highlights of a custom WP Bullhorn Integration:

  • Custom front-end styling to match your site and brand

  • Display jobs in a simple list, by category, or custom search/filter functionality

  • Post jobs based on the specific criteria that you define

  • Jobs have individual URLs and are easily shareable

  • Display any field available in the REST API function jobOrder (starting on pg. 147), including custom text fields if needed.

  • Allow candidates to apply for jobs using our custom GravityForm Add-On.

  • Collect information from any field available in the REST API function jobSubmission (starting on pg. 153)

  • Notify one or more members of your staffing team when an application is submitted

  • Customize the frequency of new job listings/updates*

  • Integration provided by an experienced team of designers and developers

  • Regular communication with a dedicated project manager ensures that your integration comes in on time and on budget.

*Updating your listings too frequently could result in degraded site performance. We will work with you to determine the best frequency based on your site and the number of jobs listed.