At CO+LAB, the front end developer makes our work special. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the heart and soul of the digital experience—they're what bring our designs to life.

The skill, talent, and imagination of the front end developer are what separates experiential excellence from mediocrity.

We are not looking for "code gurus", "web ninjas" or "html wizards." We want people who command a strong understanding and respect for fundamental web principles and the desire and curiosity to build something extraordinary.


  • Enjoy coding and being part of a very collaborative team
  • Keeping up to date on latest trends and technologies
  • A strong desire to learn
  • Expert understanding of HTML5
  • Proficiency in CSS, including experience with CSS3 and CSS preprocessors, specifically SASS
  • Understanding of best practices regarding use and naming of classes and ids
  • Experience creating fully responsive web pages and applications that utilize semantic markup and CSS that is respectful of performance across a wide range of bandwidth limitations and devices
  • General understanding of UX/UI implications in web design and knowledge of how to follow sound UX/UI elements in responsive web applications
  • Strong knowledge of jQuery and a basic understanding of JavaScript, including the usage of tools like Mustache, Handlebars, Grunt, and Gulp
  • Ability to work with a source controlled workflow via Git, and alongside other developers
  • Strong understanding of PHP syntax and developing PHP functions and WordPress theme development without employing significant plugin dependencies


  • Experience with Django templating
  • Experience with more complex JavaScript tools such as Backbone, Node, and Angular
  • You do projects for fun and / or have a freelance portfolio

The Details

At CO+LAB we take care of each other. All positions are full time and include:

  • Excellent health insurance
  • 401K plan
  • Competitive salary
  • A beautiful open office with great teammates

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